You Want to Fuck Me Where

When I was 20 years old I had been living with my boy friend for 2 years and relitively speaking still inexperenced in the pleasures that sex had to offer me. Jack was very tall and well built, being an ex-high school football player he has continued to keep himself in pretty good shape. Looking back now I can understand why we eventually went our own way, you see, his cock was rather small, less than 6″ from head to base. But because I had only been with 2 other men up to this time I really had no idea that cocks could be larger and so much more fun.

Jack was always getting rather kinky, like the time I was in the tub bathing and he came in to pee. Yep, you guessed it, he turned from the toilet and sprayed my face with his pee. And he was always trying to talk me into letting him fuck me in the ass. I had no idea what his fasination with my ass was, but every time we made love and would get into the 69 position, he would always lick my ass and put a finger into my ass as he licked my clit. Of coarse this would always get him rock hard, and I did come to enjoy his probings and licking my ass. So it really was no suprise when one day I told him he could fuck me in the ass. It actually felt pretty good, feeling his cock stretching my virgin ass hole open. He really pounded my ass hard and fast and came right inside of my ass. Being the first ass fucking I had experenced I hadn’t douched my ass out first, and his cock was covered with my shit.

Well, about 3 weeks later Jack had 5 of his buddies from work over for pizza and beer while they watched a football game on the TV. I was left to do what ever since I never really got into the football thing. So while they watched the game and drank beer, I was in the bathroom douching my ass really good, I just kept putting the nozzle from the enema bag into my ass and squirting the shitty water out. I must have done this at least a dozzed times, untill I was satisfied that I was nice and clean inside my ass. And just to make sure, as a little test, I fucked a vibrater into my ass for 4 or 5 minutes, then sucked on it to see if there was going to be a shitt taste. To my suprise there wasn’t, infact it tasted clean and fresh. So now I bathed and dressed in a pair of old cut off jeans, really cut high so as to leave nothing to the imagination. I toped this off with a tank-top that showed my titties really nicely.

Walking into the living room dressed like this I stood beside the TV, as if I were looking for something. Of coarse all the guys were looking at me instead of the game at this point. I bent over at the waist to look behind the TV, giving them all a perfict view of my crotch, which wasn’t hardly covered at all. I stayed like this for about 30 seconds, then peeked over the top of the TV and asked if they had a good view of the game and was I in the way. They assured me that I was not in in the way and they all had a perfect view of what they wanted to see. I just said, OK, and went back to looking for my non-existant book. One of the guys came over and offered to help me look, as he knelt beside me I could tell he was enjoying the view of my breasts being exposed in the tank-top. He then put his hand on my ass cheek, and when I didn’t say anything his hand starded exploring my ass and inner thighs.

Then one of the other men behind me said, Sandi, I think I’ve found what you are looking for. When I turned around they were sitting there with their cocks in their hands stroking them. Without another word I walked over to the closest cock and knelt between his legs and started sucking his cock. After a couple minutes I stopped and told them all to strip down and sit on the couch and chairs, and I would take care of each of them in turn. It didn’t take long and there were 6 naked men with hard cocks waiting for me to suck on.

I started at one end of the room and worked my way around, sucking each cock, taking them deep into my mouth and feeling them sliding over my tongue. Each cock tasted so good, and all were bigger than Jack’s. To my suprise and enjoyment I was able to take even the largest cock into my mouth and deep throat it untill my nose was buried into his stomach.

Each cock was throughly licked up and down its length, then sucked some more, then I would suck their heavy cum laden balls into my mouth, then more deep throating. Each cock in turn was lavishly sucked and savored by my lips. When I finally reached the last cock I stood up and stripped what little I had on. I then told them to just sit there and they would have to lick and kiss what ever part of my body I offered to them. They all agreed.

The first man I put my breasts into his face so he would suck my nipples, while his hands explored the rest of my body. His lips sucking and gently nipping my nipples felt really good as his hands felt up between my legs, and his fingers moving over my pussy and into my cunt was really starting to make me breathe harder.

The next guy, I stood on the cushions beside his hips and thrust my cunt into his face. He didn’t hesitate to grab my ass cheeks and pull my cunt harder into his face as he licked my pussy up and down, flicking my clit and sliding his tongue as far into my cunt as he could.

The next guy was Jack, and I turned around and stuck my ass right into his face and told him to lick and finger fuck my ass hole. This he did without hesitation. By the time he was through, he had 3 fingers buried into my ass, fucking me as I moaned with pleasure.

After what seemed like hours of pleasure, but couldn’t have been more than 15 or 20 minutes at the most, I stood in the middle of the room and told one of the guys to lay on his back on the floor. When he did I lowered myself onto his cock, filling my cunt up as his cock was much larger than Jack’s. As he fucked my cunt I looked up and randomly pointed to another man, telling him to fuck my ass. Without hesitation he he was balls deep into my ass in no time, fucking me with slow in and out strokes of his cock. Unbeliveable how exciting it felt to have 2 cocks inside me at the same time like that. Since the others ware just watching, waiting their turn, I told another guy the bring his cock over and fuck my face.

They had formed a line by now, and when the guy fucking my ass pulled out the guy fucking my face took his place to fuck my ass and the next guy shuved his cock into my face to be sucked. The guy under me fucking my cunt didn’t seem to mind that all he was getting was pussy, and I didn’t mind either as I rather enjoyed feeling his big cock inside my cunt, fucking me deeper and harder that I had ever been fucked before.

This went on for quite a while and I know that I was sucking cock that was just a little while ago inside my ass. My thoughts were racing, thinking of all these delishious cocks fucking my ass then getting them sucked deep into my mouth. I know that I came several times druing all of this, as I just felt waves of pleasure washing over my body as I was getting fucked over and over again by these men.

I could tell that they didn’t want it to end and neither did I, but I wanted to taste their cum too, squirting into my mouth, tasting it over my tongue. So I finally told them all to stand around me in a circle and jack off, and when you are ready to cum tell me and I will swallow it all down for you. They liked that idea, and I watched, sitting on the floor, as these 6 cocks were being jacked off right in my face. When the first guy started to cum I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth, feeling and tasting his cum as he orgasmed over and over into my mouth. I didn’t want to release his cock from my mouth as it tasted so good, but then the next guy started cuming and I took his cock into my mouth and felt his jizz shooting over my tongue and I swallowed it as fast as I could so I wouldn’t choake, there was so much.

I was in cock heaven, one after the other giving me a cum cocktail. When they were all finished and I had tasted all of their cock cum, I told them to wait their and I would be right back. When I returned I was holding a wide mouthed tall glass in my hand. I told them if they could come back tomorrow they could cum into this glass after fucking me, and they could watch as I would drink all of their cum from the glass. However, there would be one condition that each of them would have to meet before he could come back and fuck me again. I could tell they were worried that they might not be able to do what I asked, so I just smiled and told them that they would each have to bring one other man with him to fuck me as well.