Tease In a Sun Dress

My phone lights up, vibrates against the table and chimes. Text message. I walk over to check and my heart skips a beat for a moment. It’s from her.

“Hey, I’m bored… you should head over.”

I’m a little torn with what to do, she’s such a tease but I keep telling myself that maybe this one time she’ll be different so I head over.

A few minutes later I’m standing on her doorstep and she’s answering the door, barefoot, in a cute little sundress. Her green eyes sparkle and she grabs the front of my shirt, pulling me inside. I’m a little taken aback but I follow her inside, closing the door behind me. She stops abruptly causing me to run into her and she takes the opportunity to grind her ass back into me. She flips her blonde hair over her shoulder and looks me square in the eye, then winks.


“So, wanna watch a movie or something?”

She’s gotta be joking. She called me over here practically in the middle of the night to watch a movie? I can tell she doesn’t think tonight will be any different from before. She calls me over, teases me to the point of frustration and then kicks me out. Not tonight.

“Not exactly what I had in mind…”

She looks up at me and puts on her best pouty expression, one finger playing idly with the bottom of her sundress. I can’t take it.

“Ok fine, what movie did you have in mind?”

She giggles and runs over to her stack of DVDs, making sure to bend over at the waist instead of kneeling down. I can see she’s not wearing anything underneath. What a fucking tease. I walk over behind her and run my hand across her ass. She whirls around as she slaps my hand away.

“Ah ah ah, no touching!”

She flashes a dazzling smile at me and then turns back around, bending over even slower and more deliberately. My eyes narrow and I can feel my patience running thin. This has been going on for weeks! Her hands move in front of her and I think she’s picked out a movie. She stands up, turns around and with the most angelic face I’ve ever seen shows me a blank DVD case. I ignore the DVD case, her sundress is pulled down just a little more than before and I can tell she’s not wearing a bra.

“Found one!”

She starts to move past me, pauses, stands up on her tiptoes and whispers into my ear, her nipples pressing into my chest.

“Enjoying the show?”

I can feel her hot breath on my ear and then it’s gone. That’s it, I’ve had it. I can’t take any more of this teasing! When I finally get my breathing under control and turn to look for her she’s over on the couch, legs spread wide and her sundress hiked up to her waist with a devious smile on her face.

“How about now?”

I step across the room quickly, grab one of her outstretched legs and spin her around onto her stomach.

“Hey, what are you doing?!”

“You’re such a fuckin’ tease, you know that? I bet you’ve just been waiting for someone to finally stop taking it and give it to you!”

I grab her wrists and hold them behind her back, they’re so tiny I can fit them both in one hand. She struggles a bit but she’s not in the position to break my grip. I use my knees to spread her legs and let my free hand run down her thigh, then back up to her pussy. It’s dripping wet already.

“See? You’re already wet and all you’ve been doing is ‘putting on a show’.”

She opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out. I can tell she really wants it. I slide one finger inside her, it goes in without any trouble. I can her breathing pick up just a little and then I pull my finger out. She whimpers, barely audibly, and turns her head. Her lips are parted and her green eyes seem to be burning. I hold my hand up to her face and her tongue flits out to lick it, she cranes her neck forward to get a better taste but I pull my hand away.

“Ah ah ah, this is MY dessert.”

With that, I make a show of putting my finger into my mouth and sucking every last drop of her juices off it. Now she’s glaring daggers at me. She tastes amazing. I look around the room, see her bathrobe draped across a chair and an idea sparks into my head. I look back at her and slip two fingers inside her, curling them slightly. Her back arches and she lets out a louder moan. I pull my fingers out.

“Stay here, on your knees.”


“No buts. Stay. Here.”

I stare into her eyes, she looks back and forth between mine and then slumps.

“Ok fine.”

I let go of her wrists, get up and go to her bathrobe. The sash is still there. Pulling the soft sash out I walk back to her, marveling at how beautiful she looks with her hair fanned out across the couch, her arms still behind her even though I’m not holding her anymore. Her legs spread wantonly. Fuck she is hot. I tie her hands behind her back and pull her back up until she’s kneeling. I turn her towards me.

“You know what you’ve gotten yourself into now don’t you?”

Without breaking eye contact she nods at me.


My hands are trembling now as I unzip my jeans. I can’t believe this is happening! My jeans fall to the floor and her eyes widen a bit when she sees how hard I am. I smile inwardly and hook my thumbs into the waistband of my boxer-briefs. Slowly I pull them down, letting just the tip of my cock free. Her eyes are glued to it, transfixed. I doubt she notices the way she licks her lips. The briefs continue their slow slide down my legs, revealing more and more of myself.

Her lips part and she leans forward, her tongue sticks out and tentatively touches the base of my cock. I take a step forward and she opens her mouth wider, taking one of my balls into the wet warmth of her mouth. A shiver runs up my spine and I can feel her suck in. I can’t let her take control of the situation again. I pull away and straighten my cock in front of me, she opens her mouth. I slap her face gently with my cock. She shakes her head and stares up at me. I slap her with it again.

“Open your mouth.”

She does. I slide myself into her waiting mouth and another shiver runs up my spine. I keep pushing into her, my hands grip the back of her head. Her mouth is almost halfway down my cock. I start to fuck her mouth, slowly at first but the sensation is incredible. I can’t control myself and I start to thrust my hips faster. I can feel myself getting close after a few minutes of this and I pull out. She’s gasping for breath but I look down and her nipples are rock hard, her hair is a mess and her face is flushed.

I wait a moment, let her get her breath back. She looks up at me, her eyes semi-glazed with lust.

“Let me finish it, please.”

I can’t resist, I slap her twice across the face with my cock again and then shove it back into her mouth. This time she has me ready to cum in less than a minute. I tell her that. All she does is start to bob her head faster.

“I’m going… to cum… in your mouth.”

She stops, but I keep moving her head.

“And you’re going to swallow. Every. Single. Drop.”

She looks up at me, she can see the determination in my eyes. She nods, and I start to cum. My cock twitches over and over again and I can tell she’s struggling to breath and swallow it all. I finally stop cumming and look down at her face. She’s out of breath, and there’s a drop of my cum still on her lips but she looks content.

I pull my pants up and turn to go and she stammers.

“Wh–where are you going?”

“Home. I’ll be back tomorrow.”