Spectator Sport

Once a week my husband has his friends over. Usually they play poker but sometimes they sit and watch a big game on T.V. Being a loving and obedient wife, I try to have anything they may want ready, beer, snacks, sandwiches, you name it.

Lately he’s had me serving them in short-shorts and a bikini top. It adds to the mood of the game, he says. I don’t mind. I’ve always thought it was fun to tease and flirt, showing enough cleavage or ass to see their pants strain. I bend over to place drinks, letting them get a real good look at my FF knockers, nipples pushing at their restraints. Or when I drop something on the floor, I turn and bend, showing ass and lips to those who want to see. It’s all harmless and it makes me feel sexy.

We usually have the wildest sex after such an evening. He tells me how he watched his buddies stare at my chest or butt, watching them get hard-ons, knowing what they want to do to me. It turns me on to think about other men wanting me, taking me at their will, as they please. Then, when he’s done telling me about his fantasies of me and his friends, my husband fucks me long and hard, like he has to prove himself, or remind me who I belong to.

After one of our recent, really hot matings he told me he had taped what we had just done. That just got me all wet and hot again, thinking of ‘exhibiting’ myself like that, and I made love to him again, bringing him up by mouth, then having him ram it up my ass. Man was he good!!

This past week on game night the guys arrived as usual to watch the pregame show. I served them all beers and left some snacks with them, then went to the kitchen to read until they needed something. A few minutes had passed when I heard cheers and whooping. The game had already started? A little while later I got a beer call and went to the frig to get four more to take out to them.

When I got to the den, all eyes fell on me as I walked over to hand them their drinks. Glancing at the T.V. my eyes widened as I realized I was looking at a still picture of myself, ass in the air, my mouth totally filled with my husband’s cock. I felt myself blush and started out of the room. But my husband stopped me, called me over, and pulled me down onto his lap. Then he started the tape again. The guys started up with their comments once more, expressing envy that his wife would do that for him. Theirs wouldn’t, they said. As we watched, my husband brought his hand to my breasts and started massaging and pulling my tits. Soon he brought one out of my top and sucked on the nipple. My eyes were closed as he played with me. I felt myself moisten and I felt him harden. The others were so involved with the tape that they weren’t watching us. Or so I thought.

Their silence soon had me opening my eyes to see them all staring at us, watching what he was doing. He untied my top and it fell off to fully expose my breasts. One of his friends groaned as my husbands mouth covered me. I felt his hand working at my shorts button and I tried to stop what he was about to do. He quietly, but firmly, whispered in my ear to remember whose I was, and that I was meant to obey and serve him. I relaxed and let him remove my shorts, spreading my legs and exposing me for all to see.

His fingers entered me roughly and I gasped. That brought wild reaction from his friends. He spread me open, licked and probed. He quickly stripped off his clothes and pulled me over him to suck his penis. I did so obediently as I heard zippers unsheathing other cocks. I glanced up and saw the other three playing with themselves. I licked and sucked, slurping loudly to drive the others wild, and it worked.

Soon my husband drew me off of him and set me on all fours. His penis found my asshole and he slowly worked his way inside. His friends loudly and wildly expressed their disbelief that I would let him screw me like that, and in front of others, too. As he rocked gently to enter me further, he explained to them our relationship and how he had trained me in obedience to serve him and do anything for him that he wanted.

My moans filled the air as he gave great detail to the things he has done to me, and required of me. His dick sank deeper into my ass. He told them of our recent trip to Thailand and our experiences there(that will be my next story). His friends were growing frantic with desire. He pulled out of me and turned me over, spread my legs and plunged into my cunt. His thrusts brought me close quickly. Soon I was bucking my hips, begging him to fuck me hard. Telling him how I love for him to do me all the time. Begging for release, I felt his orgasm start as I began to come. Out of the corners of my eyes I could see all three of his friends shooting cum all over.

When he was done I put my clothes back on and got them more drinks and snacks as they settled down to watch the game. As I was leaving the room I heard my husband tell them that the poker stakes had just gone up. The winner would get a turn with me next time, with everyone watching, of course. Each new winner would get a turn. A shiver ran through me as I thought about that. I wasn’t sure I wanted it to be that way, but I was excited about teasing them and pleasing him. After all, I have promised to submit to whatever he wants. Here with friends, or away in a place where no one knows us, like Thailand. There’s really no difference. Only the anonymity.