Restaurant Coworker Fuck

I’m remembering back to a night where we met back up at my place after a nights work at the restaurant…. I had already been home for about an hour, enough time for me to take a shower and slip into a pair of short lounge shorts and a wife beater tank.

You knocked on my door and when I opened it to let you in you were holding a bottle of white wine with a smile on your face. The kind of smile that told me you were happy to see me and knew it was going to be a good night.

You came in and asked to take a quick shower while I would get the wine opened and ready with 2 glasses. I turned on some music, I think it was Enigma, and turned down the lights and lit some candles. I opened up my futon in the living room while you were still in the shower.

When you were done with your shower you came into the living room where I was at and when I turned to you, you were standing there with the towel around your waist just low enough for me to look at your abs and pelvic muscles dripping with shower drops.

I ran my hand down your chest and handed you a glass of wine. You pulled me close to you and kissed me. We sat on the couch and drank some wine in the atmosphere I set for us. We looked at each other in anticipation, wanting what we both new would be coming up next.

We started kissing and the taste of your lips was so good, a mixture of wine and tongue. I went for your towel and undid the tuck exposing your rock hard cock. I took off my tank and pulled down my shorts. You looked at me and said “I’ve wanted to fuck you all night long”.

You laid me down and slowly crawled on top of me pressing your cock on my stomach. I opened up my thighs giving you access to my pussy. You began to tease me with the tip of your cock on my clit. I wanted you inside me so badly but I knew you had other things in mind.

You turned yourself over to lie on your back and asked me to straddle myself over your face. Once I was on my knees with my pussy above your mouth, you handed me my glass of wine and told me to slowly pour it down my chest.

I began to pour it down the front of my neck, it ran between my tits, down my stomach and then down my pussy. Your mouth was pressed up between my lips and you began to drink the wine from inside me.

It felt so fucking amazing. The cold of the wine and the warmth of your tongue at my pussy, my clit began to swell up with excitement. My knees were getting weak and I felt you press up on my ass cheeks with your hands to keep me upright. You moaned loud into me.

When you released my ass, you slid me down your body and guided your cock inside me. I was so wet and you felt so good. The music was putting us in a trance and I rode you to the rhythm of the sounds. Grinding you inside me deeper I felt you pulsing against my walls.

You turned me over onto my back and began fucking me from behind like an animal. Pulling on my long hair like it was your rein. With every pull of my hair you pulled yourself deeper inside me. Moaning and slapping my ass to feel the sting.

You grabbed me from behind and sat yourself down. You made me sit on you with my back to your chest while you squeezed my tits and fucked me. You said you were ready to cum and needed me to cum with you. You put your fingers between my pussy lips from around my waist and began massaging my clit while still inside me. My body started to shake and loose control.

You grabbed me hard and thrusted inside me one final time and said “Fuck…yes!” You were cumming inside me and I could feel you fill me up and I began to cum so hard. I screamed “Oh my God…Yes!”

We fell asleep in the living room naked and sticky and I couldn’t wait for the following night to come to see what was in store for us then.