My Wife To Be

I couldn’t believe my eyes—I had been frequenting adult bookstores for ten years and I had never seen anyone like her. She was young, blonde, beautiful and dressed to show. And she was alone. An hourglass figure, incredibly smooth and unblemished skin and hair so pale it was almost white were each long-distance eye catchers. Up close, these features combined to produce a beauty that overwhelmed my senses. Her shoulder length ash-blonde hair was smooth and silky, and the gentle, natural curl didn’t appear to originate in a bottle. An even light bronze tan highlighted her body, and she had no visible tan lines. The smooth perfection of her skin was so unique it may have been her most distinguishing feature. Prominent nipples highlighted classically formed and clearly firm tits that jiggled enticingly when she walked in her high heels. Legs long in proportion to her height had the muscle tone and sexy shape of a showgirl who danced daily. Her waist was pencil thin and bare, and her ass was trim and tight. If she had been five or six inches taller, she would have had the perfect model’s body. For my taste her body was flawless.

Extremely long lashes set off her brilliant cobalt blue eyes. Her entire face was movie star gorgeous, and she didn’t appear to be wearing any makeup at all. She didn’t need it. Just as it was everywhere else on her body, her satin-smooth facial skin was evenly colored except for a slight blush to her cheeks. Each of her facial features was independently lovely, but the package was greater than the sum of the parts. Naturally full and distinctive lips smiled gently to match her twinkling eyes, and her cheeks dimpled at the corners of her mouth. A classic oval shape to her face was nearly exactly symmetrical and so beautiful that one wouldn’t ever forget it. There was no part of her that I could see that wasn’t perfect.

And there was very little I couldn’t see. She was wearing a very revealing white soft cotton halter-top that was tied so loosely she exposed a considerable amount of skin on both the inside and outside slopes of her lingerie model breasts. I could easily see the difference in color between her aureole and the rest of her breasts through the thin cotton. The material hung so softly that it took the exact shape of her tits, and her nipples were glaringly erect. Her halter stopped on the bottom slope of her tits, and when she reached for anything above shoulder level it caused her nipples to escape. She wore a skin-tight red microskirt that may have ended three or four inches below her pussy when she was standing. It was a hip-hugger style skirt so from the bottom of her tits to halfway down her completely flat abdomen she was bare. She wore red high heels with at least 3″ spikes. She wasn’t wearing any hose. She wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. In fact, she wore no jewelry at all, including earrings. She had a total of five objects touching her body—a halter, a skirt, panties, and two shoes. When I put everything together, I decided she was the most beautiful and the most sensual woman I had ever seen. I made my decision after 30 minutes of intense study, and in this case my study habits were impeccable.

It was late afternoon, so there were probably thirty people in Kitty’s Bookstore and Video Arcade. One beautiful woman and a bunch of horndog guys. I watched her closely and I subconsciously knew every other guy was doing the same thing. I was fully erect and throbbing as I hung back with the rest of her voyeuristic audience. I tried to figure out what game she was playing. I had seen many pretty women in adult bookstores before, but they had always been with a man. I suspected that she was prick teasing as part of a private game, and that her boyfriend would show up soon.

Not that any of us were complaining. It was transparently obvious that she was performing for us. Although she feigned indifference to her dirty-minded audience, the method and the extent of her exposure to those same eyes debunked this pretense. It had begun when she took her driver’s license and money from her shoe when she was asked for an ID and a 50-cent browsing fee. She bent from the waist to slip her shoe off, then she stretched to hand the clerk her ID and the money. When she bent over, I was initially stunned because her loose halter-top fell away enough to expose her nipples. When she stretched to hand him the ID and money, she reached with both hands and her nipples popped out the bottom side of her halter. This was even more stunning. .She moved into the book area and picked up and read portions of at least 15 books while we collectively leered. Every book she read came from either the bottom shelf or the top shelf. Whether exhibited from bending or from reaching, she was forced to readjust her top. She appeared to be unconcerned, and repeatedly recovered her tits casually and leisurely. She did it so often and from so many directions that I was familiar with the appearance of each entire tit from the side, from the bottom and from the top. They were ideal in every respect.

I was also able to see her model shaped legs all the way up to her panties, and both exposure modes revealed them. Her only undergarment was a light blue silk bikini, but a darker blue stain over her cunt was evident. She adjusted her skirt several times as she readjusted her halter-top, but I couldn’t see where it did anything utilitarian. I was able to see her panties again, however, so a mental three cheers was my observational response. Her overall tan led me to wonder where she was tanning in the nude in February. After my half hour of study I thought, “What the hell?” I was still achingly erect, but she could just tell me to get lost if she didn’t like it. I was somewhat surprised that nobody had attempted to talk to her before I decided to give it a go.

“Hello. It’s not often we see beautiful young ladies in here alone.” Not very clever, but at least I had broken the ice.

“Oh, hi. It’s my first time. I just became legal last week and I’ve always wondered what it was like inside a dirty bookstore.” She looked me in the eye when she first started talking, but later in the sentence I saw her notice my hard on. Her eyes twinkled even more and she playfully smiled when she looked at me again. Her voice was lovely—melodic with a clear, tinkling, very feminine high pitch to it.

“Well let me show you around. My name’s Kirk.” I held her eye when I started talking, but dropped my eyes to her tits almost immediately. I could smell just the hint of perfume, and another of my senses kicked in. The scent was intriguingly sexual.

“Hello Kirk. I’m Charna. You mean there are other things to see?” That was a smart “dumb blonde” comment if ever I heard one, and I immediately caught her double entendre.

“There are some truly beautiful things to see,” I answered as I continued to pointedly ogle her tits, “and then there’s the stuff I want to show you.”

She giggled and thrust her tits out even more.

“Come on. The grand tour won’t take all that long. You seem to be interested in the books. Do you like reading sex stories?”

“Ooohh god Kirk. I love reading about sex. I really like reading stories that have all the dirty words for things in them.”

“I agree. My favorite books are dirty. Have you seen the magazines? Some of them let you see what the books tell about.” I could feel her eyes following mine as I focused on her tits.

“You mean naked?”

“Naked in public. Naked and aroused. Naked and fucking. Any other kind of naked you can think of.” I could hear her gasp and see her tits jiggle nicely.

“Can we look at…..oohh it sounds so sexy Kirk…..some of them?” She was starting to breathe more heavily and the pitch of her voice lowered considerably. .

“Sure. Let me show you where they are.” I put both my hands on her waist and slowly spun her. Damn, her skin texture was smooth. She didn’t flinch at all and I couldn’t feel any resistance to my touch. “Do you want to start with naked guys or naked girls Charna?”

She smiled at me. Shit, it took my breath away. Her smile radiated happiness as it framed starkly white, exactly aligned teeth. It multiplied her beauty enormously. “Let’s look at the ones with both. I want to see….oohh god this is exciting….the ones with fucking.” She emphasized the word fucking, but not by speaking it louder than all the rest. She emphasized it by breathing it, and the word came out in a whoosh. Her breathing was considerably faster, and her nipples were so erect they caught on the fabric. They were like little erasers—cloth couldn’t slide across them as easily now.

I pointed out several covers that had beautiful couples fucking, but I said, “I think that one on the bottom shelf has the best fucking, Charna.” She gazed at my eyes, but my eyes were on her tits. She smiled, then bent over slowly so her tits were clearly visible to the nipple. I had already seen them at least ten times, but never so closely.

She held her pose; “Do you mean this one?”

“No, the one over there.” I touched her back to balance her, then placed my other hand on her shoulder to slowly turn her. As I gently spun her, I let my hand slip languidly down to her halter. She didn’t flinch so I even more leisurely caressed underneath her halter. I moved at such a snail-like pace that she could have easily stopped me at any time. She didn’t, so I lightly pinched her nipple. “It’s the one with them…..uunnngg…. fucking on the beach?” I was so hard it hurt, and I couldn’t stifle a grunt.

“Ooohh god no…..don’t…..aahh that’s so nasty.” She picked up the magazine and stood up. She didn’t slap me. Her eyes again followed my eyes. My eyes stared intently at her tits, and I imagined her topless. It didn’t take much of an imagination.

“You have beautiful tits Charna. Your nipples are very erect.”. I got the feeling she liked this by her sharp intake of breath. “I can smell you. Your pussy must be very wet.” She did say she liked the dirty words, and the hint of perfume had been overwhelmed by the smell of pussy. It was a powerful fragrance.

“Ooohhh god I am—it is.”

I squatted down and touched her hand. “Squat down here with me.” I grabbed her hand and lightly pushed the back of her knee. She bent her knees and squatted. We were between the racks, so we disappeared to everyone except the guys at the end of the row. I wanted to see if she would let me get a close up look at her panties. When she was squatted next to me, I opened the magazine to any old page. “His cock is in her pussy. Do you like that?”

“Mmmm I love cock in pussy.” She said it in an almost hypnotic manner. It could have been a mantra.

I touched the inside of her thigh, then turned to look her in the eye. She looked up from the magazine to catch my eye. As soon as she did, I started spreading her legs by gently pulling her leg toward me. As I tugged I dropped my eyes so I could see her panties. They were soaked and I could see she was gently and rhythmically contracting her pussy. I loved her scent, and I breathed deeply through my nose. I could feel her eyes following mine and she saw my nostrils flare as I savored the aroma of her cunt. I slowly slid my hand up her thigh, and if anything she spread herself even further. I slipped my finger under the elastic at her crotch and slid my finger smoothly all the way into her cunt. She was very wet.

“Ooohh god aaahhh nooo. Don’t ooohh nooo you have your finger ….. ooohh god you’re fingering me. This is sooo nasty ooohhh.”

I took her hand and placed it on my cock.

“Ooohh god Kirk. Your cock is so hard….. ooohh god oohh finger fuck me….. ooohh oohhh god those men can….. aaahh god they can see me.”

You can get a finger in a pussy with the panties still there, but it is difficult to finger fuck well with them on. This beautiful girl was letting me do whatever I wanted to her, so I said, “I don’t want to finger fuck you. I want to fuck you. I want to put my hard cock in your cunt.”

“Ooohhh god oohhh yess. Fuck me ohhh yess fuck me…..aahh that’s it that’s what I want…..oohh god I’m coming aahh ohhh god.”

I was convinced it was more the words than the finger that lifted her, but I was concerned about myself. I didn’t want to go home with a load in the front of my pants so I gently removed her hand from my cock. I stood up and helped her up, then held her eye as I tasted my finger that had just been in her pussy. She tasted as good as she looked. “You taste great, you smell great, you look great, you sound great, and you feel great. I can’t wait to fuck you.”

In probably less than ten minutes, this beautiful girl had sexually stimulated all five of my senses, and I was just about to have the most powerful sense stimulated. The sense of feel in my cock was about to be stimulated by the cunt of the most sensual girl I could imagine. I thought to myself that it couldn’t be a dream because it was so much better than my wet dreams. I put my arm around her waist and guided her to the video arcade. I led her into the first available booth and locked the door behind us. After stuffing about 10 quarters in the machine, I turned to look at her.

“I want to see you totally naked Charna. Strip for me.” Again I realized she was following my eyes as I stared intently at her body. She untied her halter and let it fall to the floor. Five seconds tops. She unhooked her skirt and let it drop. Maybe five seconds more. She quickly stripped her panties off, then sat down to remove her high heels. She followed directions beautifully—stripped to her meant nothing on any part of her body. She was naked within thirty seconds after I requested it. This girl—this most beautiful girl I had ever seen and who I had spoken to for the first time barely 10 minutes ago—was totally naked in front of me and I was fully dressed.

She was a natural blonde, and her pussy hair was so light and sparse you could easily see her cunt lips and her clit. “Spread your legs and finger fuck yourself while I take off my clothes.”

“Ooohhh god ooohh. I’m sitting in a wet spot aahh I bet a guy just came here….. ooohh god I love it. I’m so turned on—can you see it?….. mmmm you can, you are watching my finger in my pussy…. Oohh hurry Kirk. I can’t wait to feel you inside me…. aaahh if you don’t hurry I’m going to come. Ooh that feels so good.”

“Can you see an eyeball through the hole in the wall here?” I pointed to a large glory hole next to me.

She flinched as she stared intently at the wall. “I don’t know.”

“There are men at each of these holes, Charna.” I pointed at a couple more. “Guys, put your hand through the hole.” Sure enough, three hands momentarily came through the wall, including one that was no more than a foot from Charna.

“You are beautiful Charna. I love seeing your body, and so do they. Let me sit there. You get on top.”

“I love how you look at me…. god you’re so big Kirk I don’t know if I can…..oohh you’re so hard…..oohhh god I’m taking it. You’re inside me….. oohhhh god oohhh I don’t know if I can…..oohh yess aahh it’s all the way in me. Mmmmm my cunt is full. I love it….. ooohh god ooohh fuck me, fuck me…..That’s it ooohhh it feels so good…..ooohhhh god keep stroking me. That’s it feel my tits ooh god yesss…..oohhh pinch my nipples…..harder yesss yesss…..aahh suck me mmmmm yesss. Suck my nipple hard….oohhh god ohhhh ooohhhhh ooooohhhhhh god I’mmmm coming aaaaahhhh god I love your cock oooohhh my god ooohhhh aaahhh.”

“There’s a cock right next to you. Give him some fun too.” She didn’t even hesitate before she was leaning over to lick his cock. His trigger was quick, and she hadn’t sucked his cock for more than a couple of minutes before he exploded. The come from an anonymous cock all over her face set me off too. My blast induced her third orgasm in less than 15 minutes.

“Oohh yess aaahhh yesss. Ooohhh god aahh shoot that come in my pussy. God I love the way you fuck. What a cock….ooohh god it’s big. That was a…..ooohhh god that was great.”

I gave her my handkerchief to wipe her face, then helped her dress. Three cocks were decorating the wall as she dressed, but she didn’t indicate any further interest. I later found out she would have loved to stay

That was how I met Charna. We married a little more than six months later in August 1979. When we married, she was 18 and I was 30.