Jessicas Massage

For the hundredth time, I told my husband, Terry, I wouldn’t fuck another man and that was that! He had been pestering me for months because he thought it would be great to watch me being fucked by another man – after all his friends had told him it was the absolute best so he wanted me to try it.

I am a very private person – Jessica is my name. I have recently turned 28 and we have been married for just 3 years and already this bastard wanted to watch me get fucked by another man – it just wasn’t on.

Terry gets very carried away when his friends tell him stories and he believes them all. This obsession about me and another man started after reading an article in a magazine and then he just had to ask his mates what it would be like and they all told him they had made their wives fuck other men and it was great! What an arsehole! I said earlier I was a private person because I had never been with another man, although I had dated a couple of lads but they weren’t allowed to get up to any tricks with me. I was a virgin when Terry fucked me for the first time and he is the only man who has had me. I think I finally got the message across to Terry this time – I threatened not to sleep with him for a month if he mentioned one more word about me getting fucked. I love sex as much as anyone else but I would gladly go without for a month if it would stop Terry asking me!

He changed tack after that. He gradually thought up something else for me to do! He now suggests I get a full body massage from a male masseur and then I can come home and tell him everything the man does to me – as if I would tell him all the details anyway – he can go and jump in the river! I must admit I was relieved he had stopped talking about me getting fucked but this was starting to get on my nerves.

I am quite pretty and have a good figure (even though I say all this) and I think, when I stand in front of my mirror naked, that I don’t look too bad at all. In fact I look great. My legs are long and have very nice curves in all the right places. My hips, waist and breasts are all in proportion so I think I look good. When I am standing in front of the mirror I see my almost black pubic triangle showing very prominently on my otherwise fair skin. The hair on my head is much lighter than my pubic hair but it is natural and I don’t color it at all.

Truth be told I started to get a little bit interested in the idea of a massage. I had never had a massage and seriously wondered what it would be like having a man rub his hands all over my body – my naked body – and just the thought of it started to make me wet between my legs. I said I had never had a massage and really didn’t know very much about it at all. Questions flooded my mind – would I be naked at first? Would I wear clothes and then take them off? Would he use a sheet to cover me? Would the sheet be over me all the time? Should I shave my pubic hair off?

All of these questions were buzzing around in my head and I knew I had to find the answers before I could even consider having a massage. I am a member of the local women’s golf club and I play regularly but I never go into the showers afterwards preferring to have a drink and then quickly head for home for a nice shower there. Today I resolved to go to the golf club and play but I would go to the showers afterwards and see if the women had shaved their pubic hair off – that would at least give me an idea of what I should do. I played quite well and was pleased with myself. I headed to the showers with the other women I played with and as soon as we reached the showers the women started to strip off their clothes. Well, I could see there were all sorts of bodies around me. There must have been at least 30 women in the showers and in the dressing section and a quick survey showed me almost all of them retained their pubic bushes! Admittedly some of them were trimmed back a bit making them more triangular but the majority was just wild hairy bushes. I had my shower and knew I had one of my answers.

As I sat down beginning the dressing routine I groaned and told my golf partner I had stretched myself a bit today and probably should have a massage. She told me the in-house massage room was available but there was only a female doing the massaging today and she winked at me and said, “Can you wait for tomorrow – Ben will be back here then!” I snapped up the opportunity to ask more questions. I started off by asking if she would help me with some answers to my questions and she agreed without hesitation. Yes, she always stripped off all of her clothes and walked into the massage room (and Ben) naked although she always carried a towel in case she accidentally bumped into someone she knew. She told me Ben always starts the massage with a sheet over her but soon gets rid of that and then she is naked as he massages her body. She also told me I was worrying about nothing at all but I should make it clear to Ben what sort of massage I wanted before he started as he would always want to know what he needed for the massage. I thought all massages would be the same so I asked what could be different? She said, with a twinkle in her eyes, that it depended on how far the massage was to go. She always made sure she got off at least once and many times she had gone for the whole works!

I was busting to ask what the whole works was all about but didn’t dare. I thanked her and continued dressing and did some careful thinking on the way home. Terry wasn’t home when I arrived so I immediately rang the golf club and asked for a booking with Ben for tomorrow morning. The receptionist asked me if I wanted a private massage or would I prefer the group massage. Of course I told her I wanted the private massage and now I had cooked my goose – so to speak – and unless I actually cancelled the appointment, I was committed to attend my first massage.

Next morning I shaved my legs all the way up to my thighs and also shaved my underarms and then I showered and prettied myself up ready for this massage. I figured if I had the massage first I would then know what I could and couldn’t tell Terry when I had the massage he wanted me to have. I reckoned I was looking pretty good and slipped on a golfing shirt (this has the club insignia on it and also it is a bit thick so I could go without my bra and no one would notice) and golf skirt. I didn’t bother with golfing socks and shoes preferring to wear a slip-on sandal. Of course I wore my tiniest panties which barely covered my pussy and didn’t cover my pubic bush very much at all. I thought of trimming it along the sides but finally thought I would leave it as it was! Now I am ready to have my first massage.

When I checked in at the counter I was given a towel and instructed to go to room 7 and wait there for Ben. I wanted to ask if I should get undressed while waiting but didn’t want to make it look as though this was my first massage so I wandered off to room 7. I thought 7 might be my lucky number – I hoped so. The room was very small, not much bigger than my pantry at home and it had two chairs as furniture as well as a couple of clothes hooks on the walls. It was painted in lovely pastel colors and looked a very comfortable room. There was a door opposite the one I entered through and presumed that was where the massage would take place. I waited for almost 10 minutes and was getting very fidgety and nervous wondering what would happen to me while I was in with Ben.

At last the second door opened and this gorgeous hunk of a man walked through and sat down beside me. He introduced himself as Ben and told me he would give me my massage today. He presumed it was my first massage – I guess I was so nervous – and told me to relax. He then asked what sort of massage I wanted and I blushed furiously but he smiled at me and said, “Today I will give you a full body massage and one bonus. If you make a second booking in a couple of days, mentioning the bonus, I will give you a second bonus and so on until you have 4 bonuses and then you get the real treatment!” I was still completely in the dark but agreed that would be the best and handed over my credit card. Ben told me to undress and come through to the massage room when I had all my clothes off. He wasn’t a bit shy but I made up for the both of us.

He left the room and closed the door so I started slipping off my clothes. Soon I was completely naked and, holding the towel in front of me, I knocked lightly on the door and then opened it and walked into this big room with the massage table right in the center. It was too late now so I had to go ahead with it. He was standing alongside the table and motioned for me to climb up onto the table. There was a small stool alongside the table and I tried to step up onto stool and then the table in one smooth movement but the towel got between me and the table and I stumbled but Ben caught me. He just took the towel away from me and told me he would see me naked while massaging me so I should forget my modesty and relax.

He laid me down on my belly and I was relieved to see a hole in the end of the table so I could place my face in there and not have my neck craning upwards. He didn’t cover me with a sheet and next I felt some warm oil pouring onto my back and shoulders. He was standing alongside me and began massaging my shoulders first and the relief was almost instant. I felt wonderful as he pushed and pulled my body and I wondered why I hadn’t done this before. He worked down my back until he came to my buttocks and then he massaged my bum cheeks but not touching me between my legs or bum crack at all. He then worked down my legs starting at my knees and reaching my ankles and feet. He made them feel very good and then started again at my knees and worked his way up my thighs. The higher he went the more turned on I became and I was starting to get nervous that I might have an orgasm and embarrass myself and Ben.

He was massaging the very tops of the insides of my thighs when he moved my legs apart so he had better access to the upper thighs. Oh, boy, I was very hot at this stage but bravely bit my lip and waited to see what he would do next. He didn’t touch my pussy but I knew he was looking right at it with my legs apart as they were.

When he had finished my upper thighs – both inside and out – he asked me to roll over on my back. This was when I became very embarrassed because I was now lying completely naked in front of him. He arranged a pillow for my head and then started with my ankles and worked his way up to my thighs. He left the inner thighs and worked on my hips and then my belly and Oh. No, he started massaging my breasts. I was really getting turned on now as he massaged my breasts and afterwards my nipples. I just love having my nipples played with and can cum, given the right circumstances, just from playing and sucking on my nipples. He moved away and concentrated on my shoulders and neck and I was feeling extremely good. I know lots of people have massages and I am sorry I am going into detail but this was a first for me and I have to tell it as it was.

Although he had massaged my belly it was, I realized, only from my navel upwards – he had not touched my lower belly nor my bush. Now he poured some more oil on my belly and I could feel it running down into my pubic hair and also slowly seeping through to my pussy. He began massaging my lower belly and I started to get very excited especially as he worked his way down until he was rubbing his hands through my pubic bush. Then, without any warning, he slipped his fingers right down onto my cunt lips and started massaging me there but he didn’t enter me. I didn’t know what to do and was blushing furiously but he continued to stroke me gradually moving up until he was playing with my clit! I was so worked up I started to cum almost straight away. I had my legs apart – this was my own doing – as he played with me. I had probably the biggest orgasm I have ever had from clitoral stimulation! I was gushing juices everywhere and my body was shaking with excitement. He continued to stroke me until I just had to stop him – I couldn’t stand it anymore! Ben then smiled at me and said, “Well, now you have received bonus No. 1. I will give you the second bonus on your next visit!” With that he leaned over my still shaking body and kissed me lightly on the lips and then left the room! It took me several minutes before I was able to climb down off the table and return to the dressing room! I had had my first massage and an orgasm (which wasn’t expected) and I felt really good!

Three days later I was back in the same dressing room undressing and waiting for Ben to come into the room and get me. The procedure was exactly the same. He massaged me completely and when he eventually reached my clit again his fingers produced an orgasm just about equal to the first the other day. I was still trembling when he moved up alongside me but still keeping his fingers on my clit and he reached over and took one of my nipples in his mouth! He rolled my nipple in his lips and then began sucking it – at the same time he was stroking my clit again! I was still turned on from the first orgasm but now this was building up to a tremendous orgasm. I could feel my body responding to his fingers and his mouth and then it hit me! This was without doubt the biggest orgasm I had ever had! My body shook and I didn’t know what to do with my hands and so I threw them around his neck and kept his mouth on my nipple! Once I stopped shaking he stood up and told me I had received bonus No. 2 and the third would be waiting for me at the next massage. With that he kissed me again and walked out of the room! It took me much longer to get down off the table and back to the dressing room but I managed.

For the third massage, in the following week, he massaged me much as before but this time he started with my feet with me lying on my back. He worked his way up my legs until he was playing with my cunt lips and my clit – this was almost straight away and I wasn’t ready for it! This time, however, he pushed his fingers inside my cunt and started massaging me in there. This is a very erotic area for me and I came very quickly but he continued to play with my clit with his other hand keeping the first inside my cunt! I was in heaven. He then proceeded with the normal massage with me lying on my belly and it was the same as the other times. This time, however, when he started massaging my breasts and sucking my nipples, he took my hand and moved it over the side of the table and placed it on his very hard cock which he must have removed from his shorts when I wasn’t looking. I had another man’s cock in my hand and he was sucking my nipples making me ever so excited. I stroked his cock because that was the natural thing to do as he continued to suck my nipples and play with my clit. I came again this time like the first – a huge orgasm. He then turned my head to the side nearest him and he moved up near my mouth and placed his cock against my lips for me to suck! I had never sucked another man’s cock – I rarely sucked Terry’s cock although I must admit I didn’t mind sucking his but I objected to having him cum in my mouth. Ben’s cock was much larger than Terry’s cock and he was gently moving it in and out of my mouth while he was stroking my clit. I was unable to control myself and started to cum again but just then, Ben started to shake and then shot a huge load of cum into my mouth! I was terrified I might bite him while I was having my orgasm but I didn’t and when I had swallowed all of his cum, he withdrew from my mouth, leaned over and kissed my nipples in turn and then kissed me hard on the lips. He then told me I was ready for the big bonus which would be ready with my next massage!

Disaster came for the next week – I was having my period and I really hated my body because it stopped me from having my next massage when I wanted it. I waited my time and then when I stopped bleeding I made the next appointment.

This massage was similar to the last with the exception that the table was lower than before – I had less difficulty getting up on it – and he started massaging my belly first. He had me on my back and he poured the oil into my navel and then massaged it down into my pubic hair and to my pussy lips. He played with me and quickly brought me to orgasm as he also sucked my nipples. This made me feel great. He then rolled me over and worked on my back. This time as he was massaging my upper thighs he played with my cunt lips and worked his fingers inside me and played with me there. I had spread my legs to help him. He didn’t touch my clit at all but he brought me off again just by rubbing his fingers inside my pussy. I was getting so used to having orgasms while on his table I sort of knew when the next one was coming. Once he had turned me over and massaged my whole front, including my breasts and clit bringing me off yet again, he told me I was ready for my Big Bonus!

I hadn’t noticed but he had taken his shorts off and was standing next to me with only his undershirt on. He moved to the end of the table between my legs and pulled me down the table until my butt was just resting on the edge. He then told me he wanted me to enjoy my Big Bonus and with that, he pulled my legs up in the air, spread them very widely and then moved up to me and pushing his very hard, long cock into my cunt! I was actually going to be fucked by another man! Well, fuck me he did! He pumped me and played with my nipples at the same time and then moved his fingers to my clit bringing me off several times while he was fucking me! I knew it was wrong to just lie there and be fucked but there wasn’t a force on earth which would make me stop now. He fucked me as I continued to cum and then he squeezed my breasts hard and quickened his strokes and shot his load of cum deep into my cunt! I had just been fucked by Ben and I loved every moment of it! Ben leaned over me and kept his cock in me as long as he could before it eventually softened and slipped out of me. He grinned at me and told me I could now start all over again and start to build up my bonus points until I had enough for another Big Bonus! He kissed me passionately and then left the room.

It took me a long while to get back to the dressing room. I had a cunt full of cum to deal with and my legs were so shaky I could hardly walk. I sat in the dressing room using up a large number of tissues to try to stop the flow of his cum out of me. I made it home and showered and cleaned myself up and gradually settled myself down enough to be normal when Terry returned home from work. I greeted his wearing only my thin housecoat and nothing else and once he was in the door, I slipped it off and told him I wanted him to fuck me right now! He did that and I was now fucked for the second time in the one day!

Massages became a very regular occurrence for me. I reached my Big Bonus reward exactly 10 times before I allowed myself to let Terry think he had talked me into having a massage. When he asked me for the millionth time to have a massage and tell him all about it, and I agreed, he nearly shit himself with excitement. He told me the masseur would probably fuck me and I was to tell him all about it. I made sure I was only on my first bonus point when I had this massage for Terry. I was able to come home and tell him exactly what Ben had done to me – Terry became very excited when he learned Ben had sucked my nipples and played with my clit. He was, however, bitterly disappointed Ben hadn’t fucked me!

I went back and used up my bonus points with Ben but only told Terry he had played with me and made me cum. I also asked Terry if he really wanted me to be fucked by another man and when he told me he did, I took it upon myself to ask Ben if I could use my Big Bonus points, due next massage, at my home. I explained to Ben that my stupid husband wanted to see me fucked by another man and this was one way we could do it! Ben willingly agreed to come to our home but I agreed to give him a big cash bonus for helping me out! I arranged for the massage to be on a Sunday afternoon when Ben wasn’t normally working and this suited Terry too.

Everything was arranged. Ben was to bring his portable table and would be at our home at 3.00pm and everything was in readiness at home. I had shaved my underarms and legs while Terry was watching and he badly wanted to fuck me while I was naked and getting ready. I told him this wasn’t his turn and I might never fuck him again if something went wrong today so he had better behave himself – he knew he could watch but he couldn’t interfere with Ben or myself otherwise it was all off! Poor Terry had such a hard cock all the time I was getting ready I almost sucked him off to give him some relief but thought better of it and made him suffer. I also made him suffer more by walking around the house naked once I had showered while waiting for 3.00pm to come around. Terry thought this was the first time I would be fucked by Ben and he was terribly excited – I wonder what he would be like if he knew Ben had already fucked me 10 times and made me cum hundreds of times through playing with me. Just before 3.00pm. I slipped on my housecoat and sat waiting for Ben. I didn’t do up my housecoat and Terry couldn’t keep his eyes off my naked body as I sat there.

Ben arrived right on time and greeted Terry with a hearty handshake. Terry was very nervous but he carried out his part very well and didn’t say anything out of turn. He simply sat in the corner of our sunroom which is bright and airy while Ben set up his table. When he was ready, I slipped off my housecoat and walked naked over to the massage table. I made it look as thought I wasn’t very familiar with what I had to do and Ben helped me up onto the table. He laid me down on my belly and then walked over to Terry and said, “I understand you want to watch as I give your wife a massage and I also understand you want me to go a lot further than only a massage. I need your formal permission to do this so I want you to read this document I have prepared and if you are agreeable, please sign it! Terry scanned quickly through the paper and then signed it and handed it back to Ben. I doubt there would have been any reason Terry wouldn’t have signed the paper with me lying naked on the table waiting for him to sign.

Ben poured his oil on my back and massaged me as he had done lots of times before. When he started to work up between my legs he slipped his fingers into my cunt and I started to get very worked up and Terry could see what was happening but he didn’t say anything. Ben brought me to orgasm and I looked over at Terry and he was smiling like a kid with a new toy! Ben then rolled me over on my back and Terry had a good view of me lying naked on the table with this man running his hands over my body. Ben started with my feet and massaged my legs and then my thighs and soon played with my clit and cunt lips and I had another orgasm. Again I glanced at Terry and he was playing with his cock through his pants. Ben now moved up and started with my shoulders and then down to my breasts and he massaged them and my nipples before he started sucking my nipples, playing with my clit and again he brought me to orgasm.

I knew from experience what was coming next and I looked over at Terry but he was very absorbed with his thought and his own cock and didn’t look at my face – he was looking at my pubic area. Just before Ben pulled me down along the table, as I knew he would, preparatory to fucking me, he turned to Terry and asked him if he was completely sure he wanted him to do this. Terry was shaking and quickly said yes! Ben grabbed my ankles and pulled me down along the table (as he had done many times before) until my butt was at the edge of the table. He then spread my legs, mainly for Terry’s sake because he was watching so intently. He then moved forward as he pulled his hard cock out of his shorts and pushed it into my cunt! Again I looked over at Terry and saw he had his cock out now and was jerking it furiously as Ben was fucking me! Ben certainly took his time fucking me and he had been pumping into me for several minutes when we heard a groan as Terry shot his load of cum up into the air and landed a couple of feet in front of him. The only sound we heard from Terry while I was being fucked was him asking me if it was alright to have Ben fucking me without a condom. I just smiled at Terry and told him this was what he wanted and this was what he was getting.

Ben fucked me for a long time – much longer than he normally fucked me at the club – and I came a number of times as he pistoned himself into me. At last I knew he was starting to cum so I started groaning so I could attract Terry’s attention. He watched intently as I came again as Ben shot his considerable load deep into my cunt! Terry came a second time as Ben shot into me.

Once Ben had withdrawn and was packing up Terry walked over to him and shook his hand and thanked him for giving me such a good fucking and then, to my amazement, he handed Ben $500 for his trouble. I had already paid Ben his bonus and when he turned to me I waved him off and said he had done a very good job and had earned Terry’s money.

Terry was beside himself looking at my well fucked body. He took particular notice as Ben’s cum was starting to run down my legs as I walked about naked long after Ben had left. Terry even knelt down in front of me to look at the lines of cum running down my legs but I didn’t do anything to clean up wanting to allow Terry to see how much Ben had pumped into me. I told Terry there would never be another session like we had just had! I would never fuck another man for him to watch no matter how much he begged me. He had had his fun at my expense (I just loved it) and I wouldn’t do it again, ever!

Ben left, never to come back to our home again, but both Ben and I knew I would be back at the club next week for my next massage. I just couldn’t build up my bonus points quickly enough for my liking. Ben and I continued this program for the next two years before he was transferred to another clinic in another city. I am pleased to say that once Ben had fucked me at home, he abandoned the points system and gave me the Big Bonus treatment every time! I just love massages!

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