I Hope Jeremy Didnt Hear

Chris heard the door opening slowly and quickly adjusted his position, pulling the sheets up around him.

“How did I get here?” he wondered, almost aloud.

What the hell was he doing, in other words, taking these kinds of risks? Full out jerking off, not even under the covers, not even having closed the door fully first. Much less with a plan of where we would cum, how he would make it down the hall to the bathroom to clean himself without being seen. It was almost like he wanted to get caught, which of course, in his fantasies, he did.

He couldn’t think, he couldn’t calm himself. All he was was a bundle of lust. His giant hard-on pressed against the blanket, he made sure to keep his hands on the blanket too, on his legs, casually (he thought), applying pressure to keep his stiff cock as concealed as possible, to prevent it from making the blanket stick up and even wag uncontrollably back and forth. That’s right, his hard prick was jumping with excitement. He could feel a little pre-cum oozing out.

Mrs. Anderson, as he knew her, or just Elaine, as she knew herself, asked if everything was OK. She just wanted to check if he needed anything before she went to bed.

“Yes,” he said, everything was OK, and, “no,” he didn’t need anything.

But he could see her nipples in her white silk nightgown. How could everything be OK? He didn’t care that she was his friend’s mother. She was separated from her husband and still beautiful. She must have needs and he wanted her in a crazy frenzied way.

She, of course, had heard the sudden rustle and adjustment as she opened the door, and had smiled to herself. The silly boy actually thought he was concealing something. As if she hadn’t heard him from well down the hall, furiously wanking his 19 year old cock. She would have to teach him to slow down a bit, to savour his strokes instead of rushing, to really get the most out of his body and its wonderful sensations.

She smiled to herself, picturing his young firm body, before any of the corruptions that would come much later, the sagging, the balding. He was fit and in a great time in his life, ready to embark on sexual explorations. He was at the perfect point to learn to give and receive pleasure. As she pictured his young sweet dick, his naked ass, the deep dimples that showed when he smiled, she considered barging in and taking him between her legs right then and there.

But no, she wanted to wait for a while. She wanted to play innocent so that he would feel more of a sense of accomplishment when he at last won her. She hadn’t gone 10 steps down the hallway before she heard the muffled but distinct sound once again of Chris’ passionate masturbation. Her pussy, shaved bare and naked under her nightgown was definitely tingly. She longed to be filled up my his young eager manhood. She thought about him first licking her delicate cunt lips, working his way up to her clit, loving what would likely be his first taste of a woman.

With these and many more dirty ideas running through her head Elaine crept slowly back toward the door. Ever so cautiously she cocked her head closer and listened to the sounds of the young man inside, fucking himself. As she peered silently through the old door’s non-functioning keyhole she was thrilled by what she saw.

Chris was standing, fully naked, with the lights turned on, in front of a large mirror in a wooden frame. His left hand rubbed his near hairless chest and dug into his pecks and belly. His right hand was wrapped tightly around his stiff shaft. He was jerking off and inspecting his own cock with pride as he did so.

Something about this prick, its length and colour and very slight bend to the right reminded Elaine of the first one she had ever sucked, nearly 30 years previously. The joy she had found in swirling her tongue around the engorged head, in looking up into the blue eyes of a man who squirmed and moaned. A big tough guy whose knees had buckled as he shot ropes of cum onto her face and massive tits. She was hooked. It was the first time she had felt like a real woman. She had never been able to get rid of the impressions she was left with, things like the faint but distinct smell of his balls and of the load they’d released.

Afterward she had needed more and more of this kind of attention. She had gone on to fuck all sorts of men. Sometimes two in the same day, once or twice she even allowed herself to be taken by more than one man at the same time. Once this had proven very painful when she’d permitted them to penetrate her in both her pussy and her ass at the same time. Aside from that experience though, she had always been able to handle pretty much whatever was thrown at her.

Elaine tried to keep this aspect of her character concealed at all cost. Her family, even her friends, thought of her more as a sweetheart – boring, average and dependable. She didn’t think of herself as a slut per se, but she knew that she had a powerful sexual appetite. Even though she didn’t dress provocatively, men had always been interested in her, not for her face, which was cute but plain, but mostly for her gigantic breasts.

In spite of all her experience, tonight promised to be something different, and exciting. She had never fucked one of her son’s friends before. In fact, Jeremy was there in that same house, presumably asleep in his room in the basement. Not directly below the guest room where she would soon be fucking Chris, but still, it made things more interesting.

Elaine hadn’t fully recognized it but she now became conscious of the fact that she was letting her fingers play lightly along her wet slit, absentmindedly building her arousal to new levels. Her large dark nipples stood erect and pressing against her night gown. She didn’t want to let any more time pass.

Abruptly, Elaine entered the room saying, “One thing I forgot Chris…” and then freezing, pretending to be surprised by what she saw.

A look of pure terror crossed Chris’ face as he made an unsuccessful attempt to cover his massive bulge.

“Oh sweetie,” Elaine gasped, “you’re huge.”

She stepped forward almost in slow motion and put her hand gently on Chris’ cheek. He was breathing very shallowly. Suddenly the tension broke as he gained control of himself and leaned in to kiss her while taking her hand from his face and placing it on his shaft. Elaine kissed him passionately, forcing their tongues together as she slowly stroked his dick.

She kissed his chest and nipple, gazing up at him and smiling flirtatiously. Her eyes were dark and seductive.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this Mrs. Anderson,” Chris groaned as she licked her way down to her target and eased the thick head of his cock into her ready mouth. His excitement was beautiful to her, and from her knees she continued to look up, to appreciate his firm muscles, his stiff young dick, and most of all his expressions of pleasure. He held her hair and pushed her mouth farther down onto his cock. Then his whole body convulsed and Chris had his orgasm. Elaine let him cum, drinking it and taking it all in her throat and mouth. She wanted desperately to dry his balls out. He just kept firing load after glorious load of warm semen.

When Chris had finally finished ejaculating Elaine stood up and, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and swallowing one last time, pushed Chris down onto the bed. She spread his legs and then slid her hands under his ass, lifting it up from the covers. Leaning in she began licking, first his balls and then his asshole. She rimmed him passionately and he again was grasping at her head, pulling her hair, moaning and writhing.

His erection, which had subsided after he came, began slowly to grow again. Elaine ran her tongue all over Chris’ asshole, pressing and licking it. It was moist and tender and Chris was loving the attention he was getting down there.

He beat his dick with new passion as he pleaded, “Oh fuck! Holy fuck! What are you doing to me?! Oh holy shit this feels good Mrs. Anderson. I’m just so nervous… I’ve never fucked someone before.”

She had guessed that he was probably a virgin since she had never heard about him having a girlfriend, but she liked finding out for sure. She was taking something from him that he would never have to give again to anyone else. This was all hers.

“Aw honey, you’re a good boy, I know you’ll do fine, so don’t worry OK?” she said reassuringly, look into his blue eyes.

“OK,” Chris replied, still beating off.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Yes,” he responded breathlessly.

Elaine stood up and, holding Chris’ hard throbbing cock at the base with her thumb and forefinger, she mounted it. She slid her warm pussy slowly down his cock, letting him fill her horny cunt with a fire of pleasure. Finally the whole length was in her and she ground her pelvis back and forth on Chris’ lap. Waves of sexual joy ran up her back and spread over her entire body. He clutched one of her massive jugs in his hand as it bounced so temptingly in front of him, and ran his tongue around the dark erect nipple. He sucked it fervently into his mouth while she raised and lowered her body, gliding along his dick. She held his head at her tit while she rode him. He looked so sweet and happy with he sucked her nipple that he really made her smile.

Elaine spoke, “That’s a good start baby, now it’s time for you to take the lead. You need to really fuck me alright? I mean you can really give it to me. I know I’m Jeremy’s mom and everything but I really want you to just forget everything and just pound my cunt.”

She climbed off of his pole and got onto all fours on the bed. Chris positioned himself behind her. He had a bit of trouble finding her pussy, and first tried to stick him dick in too high up and then he almost shoved it right into her ass, but she reached back and guided him inside her slit. Once inside he started to fuck her with a commendable passion.

She grabbed his firm ass cheek, pulling him in to her. He responded by slapping her ass and then moving his hands to her hips. Gripping tightly, he laid into her hard and fast. Each thrust was bringing her closer. She reached between her spread legs and furiously rubbed her clit. She was so wet and turned on by her son’s friend and his delicious virgin cock. This thought put her over the edge and she had her orgasm, gasping for breath as the intense pleasure ran through her.

Desperately she called out, “Honey I had my tubes tied after Jeremy so it’s fine, I want you to leave your cock in. Just cum inside me. I want to feel your cum inside me.”

He didn’t need any more inviting. He leaned his head back and gritted his teeth as he sped up and thrust into her with even more force. She took his balls in her hand and softly pulled at them. He exploded. He filled her pussy with his seed. She clenched her muscles to make her cunt clamp down tightly around him as he came. They had completely given up on trying to be quiet by this point. The bed was creaking insanely.

Chris took his dick out of Elaine and collapsed onto the bed in a heap. She lovingly scratched his chest as she rested her head on his arm.

“So how did I do?” he asked.

She smiled. “I’ve had a lot of cocks in me honey, but yours was one of the best.”

After a few moments she got up and said, “Wait right here.”

She disappeared for a minute and came back with her camera.

“This is so we can always remember how you lost your virginity,” she explained, as she took photo after photo of his handsome naked body. He posed for her, beaming.

“Don’t tell Jeremy about this either,” she warned as she snapped another photo. “If you do I’ll never fuck you again.”

“OK,” Chris promised, “whatever you want, as long as you’ll keep fucking me,” he said, slapping her ass.

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