Good Vibrations

The big Cat groaned as it dug into the hillside with its sharp scraper blade, crisscrossing the side of the hill like a bright yellow prehistoric spider taking tons of dirt into its gaping maw with each pass. Katie Arden operated the huge piece of equipment with the skill of a surgeon, deftly maneuvering the big earth mover like it was the family car. At first the other operators were skeptical of her ability to handle one of the big rigs, but grudgingly they had to admit that she could do the job as well, if not better than most them! While it had taken awhile, she was now pretty much considered one of the “guys”, and was usually included in the horseplay and joking around that came with the territory. From the time she was a little girl Katie had been fascinated with heavy equipment. Much to the chagrin of her parents, she ignored the usual feminine pursuits, and as soon as she graduated from high school she enrolled in a heavy equipment operator’s school. Six months later she had her union card and was driving a packer on a new highway just outside of her home town. It was during her time in heavy equipment school that Katie made a startling if not pleasant discovery, the constant vibration that hummed from the motor all the way up to the cab could induce orgasms in her vagina if she held her cunt in the right position of the seat! The first time it happened, she barely was able to keep control of her tractor! As she became more familiar with the equipment, it was easy for her to have as many as three or four climaxes a day by shifting her vagina so her clit could get the maximum effect of the vibrating motor!!!
Katie always was highly sexed, and her mother wondered if that had anything to do with her wanting to do such a masculine job!!! Well Katie was definitely all woman, with a very voluptuous body that even under her work clothes was hard to hide. Ever since she could remember she always loved touching her private parts, whether it be her large firm breasts or her pouty lipped vagina, it really made no difference. By age eighteen she was regularly having orgasms by rubbing her little clit with her finger, and on several occasions her mother happened to catch her doing the nasty, but no amount of scolding could make her stop pleasuring herself! Her mother finally threw up her hands and gave up, realizing that her daughter was very highly sexed, and needed constant sexual relief. She had to admit that she was secretly proud, because she herself was an early masturbater, and to see her daughter following in her footsteps was good for her soul! When she told her husband Rick that their daughter was doing a lot of “exploring”, he just laughed and said, “Like mother like daughter,” and then proceeded to fuck her for the fourth time that week!!! While her husband was pounding his big cock into her hot cunt, she thought of how cute her daughter’s 18 year old pussy had looked when she saw her fingers disappearing inside of her tight little cunt! Her own orgasm poured over her thinking about how lucky her daughter was to have such a needy vagina!

Katie never dated any of the other operators on the various job sites she worked at, not because she wasn’t attracted to any of the fine young hunks that were her coworkers, but just the fact that she didn’t believe in mixing business with pleasure. All that changed, however, last Thursday when she got down out of her cab to take a fifteen minute coffee break. Turning the corner in back of her rig, she practically ran into Jerry Hanks who was calmly taking a piss against the tire of his grader. For the past hour, Katie had been on the verge of a huge orgasm, but had gotten distracted by a problem with her power steering. For this reason her pussy was still in a frenzy, and seeing the long pecker hanging out of Jerry’s blue jeans only aggravated her hard little clit even more! When Jerry realized that Katie was watching him pee, he hurriedly turned away and apologized for having embarrassed her. Katie just laughed and walked over to Jerry and said, “No harm done Jerry, in fact I kinda enjoyed seeing what you had hidden inside those jeans!!!” Still fumbling to get his dangling cock back inside his zipper, he asked in an unsteady voice, “Really, I didn’t think you paid attention to any of guys out here!” Katie, now in desperate need to have an orgasm, reached out and took Jerry’s cock into her warm hand and replied, “I may have never have said anything, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested,” while stroking his big cock to a full erection! Looking around to make sure no one else was in sight, Katie dropped to the ground and quickly took Jerry’s now blue steel meat into her hungry mouth. Jerry groaned as the pretty scraper operator sucked on his manhood like there was no tomorrow! He couldn’t believe what was happening to him, less than three minutes ago he was calmly taking a leak behind his rig and now, however, he was getting the blowjob of a lifetime from what he thought was a major league “ice queen”!!! He was too wrapped up in his own pleasure, and didn’t even notice that Katie had slipped her hand inside of her own pants and was furiously fingering her own slit and clit! As Jerry’s sperm gushed into Katie’s open mouth, her own climax spread through her pussy, making her cunt muscles contract spasmodically around her drenched fingers. When Jerry’s cock finally stopped doing its fountain imitation, Katie reluctantly let it slip from her lips, and after standing up quickly, gave Jerry a long hard kiss and whispered into his ear, “Same time tomorrow!!!” A still stunned Jerry could only nod as he retracted his pecker back inside his shorts while watching Katie casually saunter away!!!

From then on it became a ritual, both Jerry and Katie would take their breaks at the same time where upon Katie would suck Jerry’s big pecker to orgasm. It got to the point where getting Jerry’s load down her throat was all that Katie could think about! Katie’s mother was right, her daughter had a cunt that was constantly craving relief, and Katie loved having orgasms with Jerry’s penis in her mouth! Jerry looked forward to their little trysts almost as much as Katie did, because how often did you find a beautiful girl who wanted to suck your cock to completion each and every day!!! The only fly in the ointment, as far as Jerry was concerned, was that he really wanted to see what Katie looked like under her work clothes, and he also really wanted to stick his cock into her hot little pussy! The next day when Jerry broached the subject to Katie, he was happy to find out that she had been thinking along the same lines, that being that a hard fuck would be good for both of them! It was decided that they would both hang around after work until everyone else had left the job site and then get together in the cab of Jerry’s grader. By four thirty Jerry and Katie were the only two people remaining on the deserted stretch of torn up highway, and after scrambling up the ladder into the spacious cab, they immediately began removing their clothing. Jerry’s breath whistled out of his lungs when Katie slipped her 36d cup bra of her shoulders revealing a stunning pair of full breasts that were tipped with light pink nipples.

“My god, Katie,” he moaned while cupping the twin beauties, “they’re the most extraordinary boobs I’ve ever seen in my life!!!” Katie cooed softly while Jerry handled her tits, her vagina becoming damp as his expert touch caressed her big melons, while Jerry’s cock stood at attention as his eyes gobbled up the incredible body standing in front of him. Katie didn’t trim her bush much so she had a thicket of dark brown hair springing out from her crotch that stood out starkly against her creamy white skin. While Jerry sat on the well cushioned seat, turned Katie around so that she was facing away him, and it was at this point that he had her sit down directly onto his erect shaft, easily penetrating her now dripping slit. Katie moaned loudly as each inch of cock disappeared inside of her molten love canal, her breathing becoming increasingly labored as she became more turned on.

Jerry for his part couldn’t believe how tight Katie’s pussy was! The head of his cock felt like it was ready to blow of at any second due to the velvety friction that was being applied by the luxurious insides of Katie’s cunt! Jerry reached up and cupped Katie’s chest, softly tweaking her nipples as she rocked back and forth on Jerry’s hard erection. With both of them were young and in perfect sexual condition, they raced to orgasm with no thought of trying to hold back to make the wonderful sensation last even a little longer. When it finally happened, Katie’s vagina constricted hard, signaling Jerry’s penis that it was time to spill its seed deep inside her shaking pussy. Both of them let out a yell as their sex organs released a days worth of pent up sexual tension, Jerry by erupting a load of sperm into her pussy, and Katie’s cunt muscles contracting around the thickness of Jerry’s big boner.

They slowly got dressed, occasionally stopping to touch the other’s body with a quick caress. Jerry’s cock began to stiffen when Katie slipped on her bra, and she laughingly told him he would have to wait until tomorrow for another session. Even though he was a little sad he couldn’t have some more right then, he immediately brightened up at the prospect of having this beautiful creature tomorrow and every day after that! It was a good thing for him she always was a tomboy!!!