College Girls Level 1

As a new college professor, I was still getting used to being back on a campus. I had spent a few years after graduating in private industry before deciding to go back for my doctoral studies. During those studies, I knew that my calling lied in teaching and started looking for a university position. I certainly enjoyed the academic portion of my profession, but seeing the beautiful young coeds prance around campus was a big bonus!

I first met Lori at teacher/student interviews after the first week of classes. She was in one of my larger philosophy classes, so I hadn’t noticed her sitting in the back. We talked for nearly two hours and got along famously. I was intrigued by her playful yet intelligent demeanor and how engrossed she was in the conversation. Mature beyond her years, Lori talked about everything from school to hobbies to the sorority she had joined last semester, when she was still a freshman. Now that she was an “upperclassman,” she was thrilled to have a “little sister” that was pledging the sorority.

Of course, much of my interest in Lori was based on her looks. A stunning 19-year old sophomore, she reminded me of one of my favorite old-school porn stars, Lexus Locklear. Lori wore extremely short jeans shorts that exposed her long, tan and shapely teen legs. The green Abercrombie & Fitch tank top hugged her well shaped breasts. I could see the straps of a purple bra underneath and was sure that it contained some of the finest tits on campus.

Lori ended up being one of my most enthusiastic and successful students. We talked after class for a few minutes at least once a week, but always about academics. Of course as much as I wanted to get in her pants, I still had to abide by the college’s student/teacher relationship clause. I was also sure that she got plenty of attention from the boys on campus and had no interest in a professor 10 years her senior. It wasn’t until I ran into Lori and her little sister, Erica, at a bar on Friday night that I even thought about the possibility of sex (ok, I had thought about it numerous times, but not seriously!). Being there with several of my colleagues, though, I knew that I couldn’t act on my beer-induced desires.

Lori saw me from across the bar and came over to introduce me to Erica. Erica was a freshman engineering major, not normally the educational discipline for Tri-Delt sorority girls. She was, of course, the hottest engineering student I had ever laid eyes on. A delicate brunette, she was a shy stunner with pale skin, freckles and a fabulous figure shown off in a flouncy pink miniskirt and a white mid-riff top. I checked out her incredible legs and saw that she was wearing a pair of 4-inch white heels with straps that ran up her calves. A very well-coordinated outfit, it was just a little trampy too. In fact, with her back to me, I almost thought that her skirt was short enough that I caught a glimpse of the cheeks of her ass.

Despite holding up a conversation, my mind was thinking solely about how hot Lori looked. She too was dressed in sorority-girl uniform: jeans micro-mini skirt, tight black shirt that showed a lot of cleavage and a little bit of mid-riff, and black strappy heels. The heels looked so good on her french-manicured feet…I imagined how they would look on either side of my head!

As I snapped back to reality, Erica was asking about the other classes that I taught. It sounded like she was burned out by the heavy engineering workload and wanted to take an elective course next semester. Halfway through the conversation, a new song started up on the dance floor and Lori pulled Erica behind her to dance. They looked extremely hot dancing together, occasionally touching one another on the arm or holding hands. I knew that they were there to pick up frat boys or football players, so I reluctantly turned back to the conversation with my less-interesting colleagues.

After another hour or so, we’d had about enough and decided to leave. As we said farewell to one another in the parking lot, I realized that I’d left my credit card with the bartender. I went back inside to retrieve it and was met by Lori coming off the dance floor.

“I saw you leave and thought you weren’t going to say goodbye,” she said with a fake pout.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were off dancing with your friends,” I replied. “I enjoyed talking with you tonight. Will I see you in class on Monday?”

“What, you can’t leave, yet!” she shouted over the music. “The party hasn’t even started!” She had a gleam in her eye that more than intrigued me. She grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the dance floor and the thumping music.

I looked around, feeling guilty about the student/teacher fraternization issue, but realized there wasn’t any other faculty there and most of the college-age students there had no idea I was Lori’s professor. She spun around and started dancing and I was amazed at how hot her body was. I truly saw the image of a naked Lexus Locklear standing in front of me and was jealous of the frat boys who had had a chance to explore her firm young body.

After only one or two songs, Lori was moving closer and closer to me, at several times grinding against my obviously rock hard dick. I finally got the courage (perhaps it was the beer) to slide my hands to her hips and pull her into me. She grinded hard backwards and I even let my right hand slip over her flat, smooth tummy, sliding one finger into the waistband of her hip-hugging miniskirt. She started thrusting back with the beat of the music and it felt like we were almost having sex right there on the dance floor. After having spent my twenties in relationships with well-developed women, Lori felt unbelievably slender and petite. I put both hands on her hips and wondered what it would feel like to have her naked in that position and fuck her doggy style.

I spotted Erica across the room, dancing with a frat boy. He looked to be about her age, an 18-year old pledge from Alpha Chi, the Tri-Delt’s brother fraternity. They were locked together in embrace, dancing hard to the music. I watched as the guy slipped his hand underneath her skirt and cupped one ass cheek, pulling her against him even harder. I was sure that Erica would end up going home with this lucky young man. Meanwhile, I was contemplating my chances of bedding Lori and wondering if I should even risk my job over such a hottie. My brain was undecided but my dick was definitely in favor of taking her back to my house.

She turned around, kissed me, and said,” let’s get out of here.” I wasn’t going to argue.

As we gathered our things, Erica rushed over from a gathering of their sorority sisters. “No luck tonight,” she told Lori. “Can I get a ride back to the house with you?”

“We’re actually headed over to Mark’s house,” she said, smiling devilishly at me. “You should come with us rather than going back to the house alone.”

Initially, I was bummed that this freshman might break the trance that Lori and I were sharing. My worries disappeared, though, when the two drunk girls leaned in and kissed each other, tongues visibly wrestling. My heart nearly skipped a beat at the sight, especially noticing that Erica had a blue and white metal tongue stud. Many young girls these days have their tongues pierced, theoretically as a fashion statement. Most girls probably knew that they brought intense pleasure when giving head, either to a male or female partner. One of my dreams had always been to cum on a pierced tongue and I was going to make sure that that dream came true tonight!

The girls both hopped in the front seat of my pickup truck and we were all smashed in pretty tight. Neither of their short skirts did anything to hide their shapely long legs. That didn’t seem to bother them since their hands started to roam over each others legs and under one another’s skirt. I couldn’t believe my luck and drove quickly to the house, enjoying the show along the way.

We hurried into the house and barely got the door closed before both teens were on their knees in front of me, fishing out my prick and sucking it down. They took their time sucking and licking, kissing each other around my cock. The sight of Erica’s tongue stud under my dick nearly made me come, but I forced myself to hold on and wait until I got to fuck at least one of them.

I looked down at the girls, both sets of eyes locked onto mine while they sucked away. They both had beautifully manicured fingernails and Lori had one hand pumping the base of my dick while Erica sucked away at the head. I noticed that they both had a hand jammed inside their panties, feverishly frigging their pussies. It’s of course satisfying to know that the girl sucking you off enjoys it so much that she wants to masturbate herself at the same time. The thought of two girls doing this to me simultaneously almost made me come again.

To avoid ending the party too soon, I pulled them off my dick and finished undressing myself, eagerly looking forward to finding out what was under their cute little skirts. I told Lori to get up onto the couch and spread her legs open for me. She didn’t resist in the least and plopped down on the couch. She held her long legs up straight up in the air, ankles crossed just below the slutty black heels she wore, and then spread them straight out to the side. She must have been a cheerleader or gymnast in high school because of the flexibility and grace of the move. Her jeans mini-skirt migrated up to her waist, exposing a tiny, but ornate, pair of black lace panties. They were extremely low-cut to match the hip hugging skirt. It was readily apparent through the flimsy material that her pussy was fully shaved.

I got down on my knees next to the couch, pulled aside the front of her panties with one finger, and began to feast on the sexiest pussy I had ever laid eyes on. I was surprised when Erica kneeled next to me and ran her hands up and down Lori’s smooth legs, holding them back for me while I continued to eat her out. Lori was on another planet from all of the pleasure, but Erica began whispering dirty suggestions into my ear, far too naughty for an 18-year old college freshman. Without a doubt, Erica had been the high school slut who’d had no inhibitions. Whether or not she’d ever double-teamed a guy before remained to be seen, but she gave a double blow job like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Lori brought her legs together and Erica leaned in and grabbed the waistband of her panties, pulling them off to reveal a tiny g-string. Erica leaned back in and began to tongue the bald cunt in front of her. As I saw her tongue stud graze against Lori’s beautiful pink pussy, my dick got harder than it had ever been. It felt like it must have doubled in size from the erotic sight before me. Ready to try out one of these young pussies, I positioned myself behind Erica and flopped her flouncy pink skirt up over her back to reveal a matching pink Victoria’s Secret V-string. I pulled the lace panties down to her knees and she lifted each one for me to remove the lingerie. I put my fingers on the straps of her shoes to remove them when Lori cautioned me against it.

“She didn’t wear those fuck-me heels tonight just to have you take them off right before you fuck her. Now open up her little pussy and stick that beautiful cock in her tight little hole.”

Her filthy language spurred me on. I lined up behind Erica again and grabbed her slender little ass cheeks. I spread them apart to reveal another shaved, freckled pussy. Because of her light complexion, it looked so innocent, yet so dirty. I gave her pussy a couple of licks and then her bare ass-hole and then slid my prick straight into her. I pounded her into Erica’s snatch, eliciting moans from both girls. The sight before me was incredible. No matter how great it felt to fuck this little red-head, the object of my desire for weeks lay straight ahead of me with her legs spread and miniskirt around her waist. She had taken off her shirt and bra, exposing her oversized, but firm, tits. She was staring straight at me and intensified the feeling of being in her little sister’s pussy.

I was definitely ready to fuck Lori. Erica pulled off my dick and then finished taking her clothes off, leaving on her sexy heels. She laid against the corner of the couch and slid Lori over to between her legs. The thought of those two, wet and shaved pussies being so close together gave me goose bumps. Erica grabbed Lori’s legs and spread them back apart for me, inviting me to fuck her friend. First I dangled my prink in front of Lori’s mouth and she inhaled it, vigorously cleaning off Erica’s juices. As I entered Lori, I thought about the fact that we weren’t using condoms, but I figured such talented and experienced sorority girls were probably on the pill. Plus, I didn’t have any intention of coming in their pussies. I was saving that for Erica’s tongue.

Lori’s legs were still in a ‘v’ while I fucked her. Erica’s french-manicured fingers roamed all across her tan body. She cupped Lori’s breasts and caressed across her incredibly flat stomach. They worked their way down to Lori’s pussy, frigging her friend off while I plunged in and out of the tight channel. It proved to be too much for Lori as she screamed out in orgasm.

I’d had more than enough stimulation, too. Despite wanting to prolong the pleasure forever, the sexy outfits, the almost non-existent lingerie, the ‘fuck-me’ heels, the hard bodies, the perfectly-shaved pussies, the double blow job, and fucking both girls tight holes pushed me over the edge. The girls were in the perfect position for a facial, but I was unsure how these young girls would react. The lure of Erica’s tongue stud was too much to resist, though, so I pulled out and leaned in toward their faces. Both girls instinctively stuck out their tongues as I stroked my cock and exploded over their upturned faces. After giving each girl a couple of pulses on their face, I aimed directly for Erica’s pierced tongue. The sight of me stroking myself into the mouth of an 18-year old with a tongue stud was incredible, and I actually started to come again, leaving plenty of ropes for Lori’s porn star-perfect tits. I finally came down from the best orgasm of my life and sank to my knees in exhaustion.

The girls decided to spend the night and we woke up in the morning for another round of amazing sex in my bedroom. I wasn’t sure what would become of Lori and I, but I was certain that I wanted to see her again, the risk to my job be damned!