Blue Moon In Bangkok

Her lips were soft just as I dreamed that they would be. We kissed gently at first almost nervously like a couple of teenagers on a first date then I felt her tongue flick my lips as if looking for permission to enter. I accepted with alacrity and her tongue slipped into my mouth to find mine. I slid my hands under her shirt and up her warm naked back and pulled her into me. Our kisses became deeper and more passionate. On every level this was wrong… I was in a relationship, this was my girlfriend’s friend and also my student but I just couldn’t stop now. From the first day I had met her I had desired this woman and now my fantasy was becoming reality.

I had been living in Thailand for 9 months. I had just turned 41 years old when my 20-year association with a world famous Irish brewery ended with a golden handshake and a cheap gold watch. It was a nice little pay off and I reckoned I could go and lie on a beach somewhere for a while to ponder my future. My marriage had long ended in divorce. We were both so career focused that we never made the time to start a family and the last I heard my ex-wife, Carol was living with someone with tattoos and a lot of body hair… Her name was Tina. I was about to do the typical package holiday to Spain when 2 married friends suggested that I travel a bit further afield.

“Go and teach English in Thailand, China or Vietnam.” Anne added. “You can earn money and not eat into your pension then you can holiday during school breaks.”

I had no teaching experience but in a whirlwind space of 6 weeks I had taken a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) course, tied up any loose ends and I was leaving for Thailand. I think I emailed my CV to every school in south-east Asia but the highly efficient Mister Paradorn at the south Bangkok language academy was first to reply to me. He posted me a copy of a contract and all the documents needed to get my visa and work permit and I was away. Nerves gripped my stomach muscles as my plane touched down in Bangkok airport on April 25th 2005. I made my way through a sea of eager taxi touts till I seen the sign with my name on it.

“Welcome to Bangkok.” Said the waiting Mister Paradorn, a small thin man with a large grin and a bone-crunching handshake.

Bangkok is an incredible city, from the stunning beauty of Wat Phra Kaow (an ancient temple) to an ultra-modern shopping precinct like Siam Paragon. I couldn’t believe that it had taken me all these years to explore somewhere more exotic than Majorca. On my days off I loved just walking around at a nice leisurely pace. I felt I had put in my time in a highly stressful career and now I reaped the rewards and just wandered about as the locals frantically went about their business. The local women were stunning. I have to admit having a penchant for Asian ladies and this was heaven.
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