Bus Ride

What I thought was going to be a little bit of innocent groping on the bus turned out to be much more. But then you never know when these magical moments might arrive, so you must act on every one as if it might turn into something extraordinary.

I was on the number 5 bus, heading home from work. The number 5 is always crowded at that time of day. Business men take it from downtown to the fancier parts of town where they can retreat into their houses, take off their ties, and unwind from the day. Today was no different, and the bus was packed so tightly that my body was pressed up against several other people.

The bus driver stopped at the last stop on the way out of the financial district and I groaned, looking at the bus stop and wondering how any of those people would fit into the crowded bus. But the doors opened and a few more people managed to press into the crowd, one of them being a young girl that did not belong on that bus.

She looked like a college student, young and innocent, and not at all like a business woman. Maybe 19 or 20, she had long, messy brown hair, and wore a scrap of short blue shorts that barely covered the round firmness of her ass, and a sheer tank top that clearly showed her pert breasts, and the fact that she was not wearing any sort of bra. She was cute, in the way that all young coeds tend to be, and I found myself staring without restraint into her cleavage, as she stared straight ahead into the chest of another man.

As I have said, the bus was very crowded, and I noticed that it was all men my age pressed in next to this cute young thing, my age being 35. We were so closely packed together that nothing below our briefcases could really be noticed. That thought popped into my mind about the same time as the desire to feel her round, surely firm ass. I must admit that I have been known, or rather unknown, to take certain opportunities to brush up against women on the bus before, playing it off as an accident as I graze their chest with my forearm or their behind with my fingertips. I get a certain rush from them being uncertain as to whether or not my touch was actually an accident. But this time was slightly different. I decided that I wanted her to be sure that I was doing it on purpose. I figured that she would glare at me with distaste and I would remove my hand, but doubted that she would make much of a commotion.

Hesitating only for a moment, I reached my hand forward and placed it solidly on the roundness of her ass. I gave it a little squeeze, rewarded by the confirmation that it was as firm as I had imagined it, and then left my hand squarely where it was.

She tensed at my touch, and turned her head to see whose hand was violating her space. She scanned the faces of the men behind her, and then settled her dark green eyes on my gentle smirk.

Here it comes, I thought, She is going to tell me off…

But to my utter surprise and amazement she just smiled, her lips looking full and pouty, then turned around again.

I could not believe my luck. This girl was a little slut, giving me permission to grope her in public. I was not about to waste the invitation, and wanted to see how far I could go before she would make me stop.

I slid my hand down her ass to her exposed thighs. Her shorts were very short, and lose, so there was not much fabric to cover before I reached the warmth of her flesh. Her skin was hot to the touch, and smooth. I reached my fingers up under her shorts, revealing the curve of her ass to my hand. Again, surprising me, the girl shifted her weight, moving her feet apart and allowing me access to the sweet spot between her legs. I wasted no time and soon my fingers found that she was not wearing underwear beneath her shorts, and she was already sopping wet. I plunged a finger into her tight pussy and began to slowly pump her.

Of course the motion of my hand was not something that could go as easily unnoticed as an innocent placement on her ass. The man next to me felt the flexing of my forearm and looked down to see what I was doing. His jaw dropped in surprise when he saw that I was fingering this young hottie. He looked around the bus to see if anyone else had noticed yet, but no one had.

He watched for a bit before giving me a wink and motioning for me to let him give her a try. I couldn’t think of a reason why not. After all, she was not my slut. So I removed my hand and allowed him access.

She immediately felt the difference in stroke and turned around to see who was fingering her now. She seemed satisfied when she saw who it was, but her sharp motion had attracted some attention, and now all of the men that were surrounding her were aware of what was going on.

None of them stopped us though.

Freed from having to hide what I was doing I reached my hand around to the front of the girl and plunged it down into her shorts. While the man next to me fingered her hole from behind I found the nub of her clit with my finger and began to work it fiercely. This caused her breathing to accelerate and she began to moan. In order to silence herself she reached her head forward and began to kiss the unsuspecting man in front of her. He complied without complaint.

By now she was writhing and her nipples were straining against the soft fabric of her top. I wanted so badly to reach up and pinch them, but hesitated to release my hand from its prime spot atop her pussy. I nodded to a young man, watching with shock on his face.

He reached out and grabbed a tit, squeezing it roughly and causing her to moan, kissing the man in front of her harder. This reaction was not enough for the young man and he pulled her shirt up over her breasts, revealing their round pertness and swollen pink nipples. He continued to massage her breast while the man on the other side of me reached down with his mouth and took her other nipple between his teeth.

By now what we were doing was obvious to the whole bus. Her moans were turning into cute screams of pleasure and I knew that she was about to orgasm. Men on the bus were staring openly, and hands drifted to rest near tents in trousers that were twitching. Some of the women were licking their lips, others had their heads turned away, but no one said anything.

The man that the girl had decided to kiss was not satisfied with his role, so he reached down and knocked the other man’s fingers out of the girl’s pussy. He was much faster and harder about fingering her, and the other man, being displaced, found the next available hole, the round tightness of her ass.

It did not take long before she came, with fingers working each hole and her clit, and both of her tits being roughly handled. She screamed without reservation and collapsed into the cradling of our hands. And it was good that it did not take long, because the bus stopped, and she extracted herself from our grip and made her way to the front, to a cheer of catcalls.

Of course, the bus didn’t know that they were cheering for me, the man who started it all. So I encourage you, the next time an opportunity presents itself to grope a young coed comes along, take it. You never know just how far those little sluts will let you go.

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