Blue Moon In Bangkok

Her lips were soft just as I dreamed that they would be. We kissed gently at first almost nervously like a couple of teenagers on a first date then I felt her tongue flick my lips as if looking for permission to enter. I accepted with alacrity and her tongue slipped into my mouth to find mine. I slid my hands under her shirt and up her warm naked back and pulled her into me. Our kisses became deeper and more passionate. On every level this was wrong… I was in a relationship, this was my girlfriend’s friend and also my student but I just couldn’t stop now. From the first day I had met her I had desired this woman and now my fantasy was becoming reality.

I had been living in Thailand for 9 months. I had just turned 41 years old when my 20-year association with a world famous Irish brewery ended with a golden handshake and a cheap gold watch. It was a nice little pay off and I reckoned I could go and lie on a beach somewhere for a while to ponder my future. My marriage had long ended in divorce. We were both so career focused that we never made the time to start a family and the last I heard my ex-wife, Carol was living with someone with tattoos and a lot of body hair… Her name was Tina. I was about to do the typical package holiday to Spain when 2 married friends suggested that I travel a bit further afield.

“Go and teach English in Thailand, China or Vietnam.” Anne added. “You can earn money and not eat into your pension then you can holiday during school breaks.”

I had no teaching experience but in a whirlwind space of 6 weeks I had taken a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) course, tied up any loose ends and I was leaving for Thailand. I think I emailed my CV to every school in south-east Asia but the highly efficient Mister Paradorn at the south Bangkok language academy was first to reply to me. He posted me a copy of a contract and all the documents needed to get my visa and work permit and I was away. Nerves gripped my stomach muscles as my plane touched down in Bangkok airport on April 25th 2005. I made my way through a sea of eager taxi touts till I seen the sign with my name on it.

“Welcome to Bangkok.” Said the waiting Mister Paradorn, a small thin man with a large grin and a bone-crunching handshake.

Bangkok is an incredible city, from the stunning beauty of Wat Phra Kaow (an ancient temple) to an ultra-modern shopping precinct like Siam Paragon. I couldn’t believe that it had taken me all these years to explore somewhere more exotic than Majorca. On my days off I loved just walking around at a nice leisurely pace. I felt I had put in my time in a highly stressful career and now I reaped the rewards and just wandered about as the locals frantically went about their business. The local women were stunning. I have to admit having a penchant for Asian ladies and this was heaven.

I sometimes wondered if I was the only man that had lived in Bangkok and never sampled the delights of the bar (red light) scene. One night I went to the notorious Patpong road. I went into the “Runway” bar and was joined by two girls. They were very young and one told me she was 19 and the other told me that she was 21. I think I would have taken 2 years off both of them. They were sweet girls with lovely pretty faces. They had been dancing around a chrome pole but when the music finished the mamasan (boss) instructed them to join me. Both of them wore the same bikini and both of them did not have breasts. They tried to talk me into paying a 500 Baht bar fine (a payment where you take a girl away from the bar) each and 2,000 Baht each to take them to a short-time hotel. It was not about the money. A mere 100 Euros would have got me an hour of undoubted pleasure with these 2 sweet girls but that is all they were… Girls! I wanted more… I did not want a girl for 1 hour or 1 night. I wanted a woman for life.

I lasted 5 months in the south Bangkok language academy. The children were just too young for me. They shouted and played chasing and I was popping Tylenol to stop the riot in my head. A Thai teacher would leave her class to help me regain control but in truth I was ill prepared for this and a course with SWAT would have been better preparation than a TEFL course. One hot Monday morning, 20 minutes into a class I calmly gathered my things, walked out the gates, went back to the apartment that the school provided and packed my bags ready to go back to Ireland. I knew Mister Paradorn would come looking for me so like a fugitive I went underground and by 2pm I had checked into a central Bangkok hotel.

It was an irony that I spent 20 years in a brewery but never really indulged in the products. I only had a beer once in a blue moon. Early that evening the blue moon shone over Bangkok. I had enough of the depressing news on BBC World and I just couldn’t watch Die Hard even one more time in my life so I headed to O’Brien’s Irish bar to ponder my next move. With The Dubliners blasting out “The Irish Rover” in the speakers overhead, I sipped my ice-cold Singha beer looking out onto Sukhumvit Road and smiled watching tourists haggle with street vendors over the price of pewter souvenirs, t-shirts, pirate DVD’s and fake Rolex watches.

“How’ya.” A voice boomed in my ear making me jump. I turned sharply to see a giant standing beside me. He parked himself on the padded seat beside me with a force that nearly sent me skywards. His name was Frank. He was 47 years old, about 6 feet 2 inches tall and the wrong side of 300 pounds. His white shirt had 3 buttons open revealing black bushy chest hair and an enormous gold medallion. His hair was long black and greasy making him look more like a Greek Elvis impersonator than any Irishman that I’d ever known.

“The wife is gone shoppin’ with her sister for t-shirts and stuff for the nieces and nephews.” He informed me in a County Kerry accent so strong that he was harder to understand than most Thais.

“I thought I’d drop in here out of the heat and sample the Thai Guinness.” He went on, drawing a big paw across the sweat on his forehead.

We exchanged stories and it transpired that he lived with his wife in Khon Kaen in the northeast and they were just in Bangkok for a 3-day break. After about 30 minutes his wife came in with her sister, they planted bags on the floor and slumped on to the seat opposite in mock exhaustion. I shook hands with Ped (his wife) first then her sister Noi. My miserable day had just become considerably better as a guy from home; his wife and her extremely pretty “little” sister joined me. I remember just locking onto Noi’s gorgeous dark eyes.

Noi was only 28 years old. She was a mere 5 feet tall and of slight build. Her skin was typically Isaan, (North-eastern Thai) very dark brown. She wore her black hair tied back off her face in a ponytail enhancing her lovely facial features. She was friendly and her smile absolutely knocked me out. She spoke very good English and we hit it off straight away.

“You come Khon Kaen with us tomorrow and teach me English more.” She said with a laugh.

Within 24 hours and impetuous as ever that off the cuff remark became reality as I pulled my suitcases from the back of Frank’s Ford Ranger and checked into the KK Mansions apartment complex. That night there was a knock on my door. It was Noi with a small silver suitcase in tow.

“I stay with you tonight?” She asked.

I was delighted that she was here and I let her in secretly chuffed that my flagging self-esteem was boosted at having a new girlfriend that was 13 years younger than me.

Our first night together was not the hot exotic encounter that I imagined it would be. We showered separately and Noi slid into bed beside me with a large towel around her. As she removed the towel she half jokingly told me that she wanted to get a breast enlargement operation but I tried to reassure her that it did not matter. I was lying and I remember that I was disappointed that her bra had been padded and her small breasts were practically non-existent. Physically she had the body of a girl. She was rather timid in bed and did not really like oral sex, either giving or receiving. She also did not like rear entry as she said that it hurt. We had a great relationship outside the bedroom. Noi was funny and a really great girl but after a while our sex life really did bother me and it was usually missionary position with the lights off.

I loved life in Khon Kaen. I was teaching English to some university students privately. They did not play chasing and I hardly ever needed a Tylenol. I was also teaching a nice 45 year-old lady that was going to the USA. As far as women are concerned I was still in heaven. Khon Kaen is light years from Bangkok but the women were no less beautiful. I walked around the markets or the supermarkets and just looked and admired these gorgeous women. I would just sit drinking a cappuccino thinking how lucky I was. 41 years old and living with a really cute Thai girl. I worked a maximum of 4 hours per day then would go to the Angel Plaza and just wallow in my surroundings. You stand out as a foreigner up here so you get a few smiles from really pretty girls. I am no Brad Pitt look-alike but I am 6 foot tall and I always managed to keep myself in good physical condition. I have a good head of hair even if the gray is taking over. My best description of myself is easy on the eye. Your imagination can run riot but I had a nice girlfriend so I was happy enough to just look. I would never touch.

One day Noi told me that a friend of hers wanted to learn English. I thought this was okay as I would never turn down a chance to earn some extra cash and more importantly kill an hour or two. Two days later we met her friend for dinner. Her name was Fon and she was gorgeous. That day when she walked into the restaurant she quite simply took my breath away.

“Sawadee kaa.” (Hello) She said with a Wai. (Thai greeting raising palms together and bowing head).

She was older than Noi at 31 years old. She was about 5 foot 6 inches tall. She had long black shiny hair that draped over her shoulders like black silk curtains. She wore a tight fitting red top that showed off her ample breasts. She wore a loose fitting light blue cotton skirt that went below her knees and swayed with her movements. To top it off she wore a pair of black patent high-heeled open-toed sandals showing off a tidy pair of feet. A little fetish of mine I have to add. She turned a few heads that day.

I tried to ascertain her level of English and it was basic, added to that she had no confidence in speaking English. I was pleased at the realisation that my relationship with this woman (albeit professional) would be quite a long one.

Fon had quite a successful jewellery business but Noi had told me that she was tired of meeting parasitical Thai men that lived off her. Her last Thai man only wanted to drink whiskey and would beat her up. She had just recently visited a dating agency and had been set up with an English guy. Without the agency translating their emails, communication was quite limited. Fon liked this guy and he promised that he would visit her on his next vacation.

The words “Lucky bastard” ran through my head.

“You help I?” She asked me.

“Yes I will be glad to.” I replied.

I tried to be nonchalant in her presence and to be professional but as we went our separate ways that day I watched her walk away sneaking a glance at the most perfect specimen of a female that I ever met. I was in a relationship and this woman was my girlfriend’s friend. My problem was that I was a man and I could not stop having desires and fantasies. I compromised in my mind that I would allow this woman to be my fantasy and nothing more. The same as was Mrs. Quinn; my French teacher was my fantasy when I was 16. I do not know how I got beyond “Comment allez vous?” as in each French lesson all I could see at the blackboard was my teacher in just her high heels. I must have left each lesson holding my books in front of my throbbing erection.

“Soo-ay mai?” (Is she beautiful?) Noi asked me bringing me back to the here and now as this Siamese vision walked down the street.

“Yes she’s quite a nice lady.” I replied in mock nonchalance.

I woke up on the day of Fon’s first lesson and I was in a great mood. My girlfriend kissed me goodbye and went to work and I allowed my mind to drift into a fantasy of Fon stripping and the two of us making love in her bed. I had a shower, chose my best clothes and sprayed on my Chanel Allure aftershave.

At 8.55am I killed the engine of my Isuzu Rodeo and gathered my books off the passenger seat. My heart hammered as I knocked at the door. Fon answered and wai’ed with a “Sawadee kaa” (Hello) and gestured me in. I followed her to the dining room where a large mahogany dining table and 6 chairs almost filled the room. An A4 notebook was open and ready for action so I placed my books on the table and sat in the chair that would be next to her.

“Would you like some dink?” She asked.

“Just water please.” I replied.

I still remember her walking to the fridge and I still see it in slow motion, her every move was so graceful as she walked along the pale grey tiled floor to the gigantic Samsung fridge. Last time that I met her she wore a rather long skirt but today as if to drive me totally crazy she wore a denim mini-skirt. I tried my best to focus on my reason for being here and I opened my folder and took out my lesson for today. I couldn’t stop my eyes from wandering just to watch her pour my drink. Her legs were amazing. They were long, well toned and brown. She wore a red and white vest type top that obviously showed more flesh on her arms and plunged in the front revealing more of her tanned breasts. She placed my glass of water in front of me and sat down.

“You have a beautiful home.” I said not sure if she understood me. “Khun ban soo-ay mak mak.” I repeated not sure if my Thai was correct.

“Oh thank you velly much.” She replied. “Khun puud pasa Thai gengh maak.” (Your Thai is excellent.)

Mahogany cabinets adorned the dining room. Family pictures and pictures of Fon at her university graduation sat proudly on them and across the wall along with pictures of the king, the queen and king Rama V (the past and much loved king).

I handed her the book that we would work from and as she turned over some pages I sat back and sneaked a look at her crossed legs and feet beneath the table. Her feet were also flawless and deeply tanned and her toenails were painted crimson red.

“Oh dee maak!” (Very good) She exclaimed bringing me back to reality. “Book velly good.”

I switched back to professional reality and proceeded to go through the lesson. She listened intently to my every word and she repeated what I wanted her to say. We laughed at the words that she struggled with but she eventually made a good attempt at correcting them.

“Boyflend me want I learn English too much.” She informed me. I hated to admit it to myself but the word “Boyfriend” was a knife in my heart. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife says the commandment but I did. He was English, I was Irish, and we were geographical neighbours and I did covet his future wife. As she spoke I studied every inch of her. Her hair, her stunning dark eyes, her snow-white teeth and her perfect mouth. The white of her vest top contrasted her dark brown skin. Northern Thai ladies are sometimes self-conscious of their skin, which they do not like if it is too dark. An irony that western women are white and want to tan, Thai ladies with dark skin want to have brighter skin.

The 1-hour lesson finished all too quickly and I reluctantly got to my feet and gathered my lesson sheets into my folder. She thumbed through her purse for my 300 Baht fee and for the first time ever I felt guilty taking it. I loved every minute of my time with her and I would have gladly spent the day with her and not charged her 1 single Baht.

“Fon call to me darling,” my girlfriend said to me that evening. “She say you good teacher. She want you teach her long time.”

Noi did not know that Fon was beginning to occupy my brain. That night Noi and I made love. In my mind I was somewhere else and I closed my eyes and thought of Fon. Tonight Noi took it from behind. I looked at Noi’s little legs but thought of Fon’s long legs as I slid in and out of her. I imagined what it would sound like for Fon to groan as I entered her. I was almost afraid that I would call out the wrong name as orgasm gripped me and I came inside Noi.

Fon smiled as she showed me in the door for lesson 2. Today she wore a similar vest type top but a pair of white shorts replaced her mini. As she walked to the fridge I used the time it would take her to walk there to take in her every step. The shorts displayed even more flesh on her legs with the added bonus of hugging her buttocks to show just how round and perfect they were.

I began my lesson and once again took on the role of teacher trying desperately to hide my desire for my student. Over two hours went by when I decided to wrap up our lesson.

Every evening with Noi became a charade. I spoke to her about her friend’s progress and made love to her but in my head I was making love to her friend. In the morning I showered, got dressed and thought about what Fon would wear today and thought maybe today was the day when she would declare her love for me.

As each day passed Fon and I did become closer. I took her shopping in Angel Plaza or to lunch to improve her vocabulary. Noi would ring me and I would tell her that today was “The restaurant lesson or the buying clothes lesson.” It never occurred to her that I never went “on location” with a student before. Fon sat beside me in my Isuzu and we would sometimes speak in her bamboo English or my broken Thai. A lot of times we just sat in silence but for me it was never an uncomfortable silence. I loved being with her. Sometimes I asked Fon questions about her boyfriend, which for me was like whipping myself.

“I just want a good man with a kind heart to take care me and love me.” She said in her rapidly improving English.

There were times when I felt like I spoiled the moment by asking about him, so I did not ask again.

I was beginning to believe that Fon felt the same way about me as I did about her. In a mixture of Thai and English we were speaking more about life and what we wanted. My lessons were taking on a more personal touch for us both. I had a battle going on in my head.

“You have a girlfriend,” Said one voice. “And she has a boyfriend.”

“He is in England and you are here,” Replied the other. “Go for it!”

I always think that in situations like this fate will rear its head and there isn’t anything that you can do about it. This started like any other lesson. We sat at the table and we talked through the dialogue that was written on the sheet.

“Ek-cue me,” Fon said, “I turn on fan.”

As she stood up she knocked the table and my glass of water spilled over me. In reaction I jumped to my feet.

“Solly, solly.” She said not knowing what to do next.

“Okay no problem.” I said as the cold water soaked into me. Her hand was now on my shoulder and I instinctively put a hand on her waist. As I looked into her eyes the embarrassment on her face was replaced by a more wanting look. This was it, now or never. I slowly moved my mouth towards hers then felt her silky lips meet mine. As my tongue explored her mouth we just blended into each other. My hands slid under her shirt and I felt her warm soft skin; her hands ran over my back. She whimpered as I kissed her neck.

Fon didn’t say anything she just broke away but took my hand and led me to the stairs. I swallowed hard and watched as she climbed the stairs then I followed, her bare feet not making a sound on the polished mahogany stairs. Her hand turned the doorknob and the door creaked open. Sunlight filled the room and a typically feminine combination of scents now filled my nostrils. I stopped in the doorway as she went to the window to pull the curtains. I looked around admiring how beautiful the room was. A giant tiger rug hung on the wall over her bed. Matching mahogany wardrobes, bedside lockers and lamps gave a symmetrical look to the room.

With the curtains darkening the room she came back, walked past me, closed the door behind me and switched on the ceiling fan. Then she went and sat on the bed. I sat beside her. We just looked into each other’s eyes as if we did not know what to do next. I gently stroked her hair and leaned across to kiss her. Once again we kissed deeply and passionately. Her fingers opened the buttons of my shirt and my heart raced as her hands clawed across my bare chest. I stood up, leaned forward and took hold of her vest top. She raised her arms allowing me to remove it revealing a plain white bra. I threw my shirt to the floor and as I reached behind her back to unhook her bra, she undid my wet jeans. She let me slide off her bra to reveal two gorgeous breasts with large dark brown nipples. Now she pulled down my jeans revealing my tent-like boxers. Even though it had just been drenched in ice-cold water, my cock stood out rock hard. She looked up at me coyly and agonizingly moved her face forward into my groin. I thought I would explode as her hands gripped my buttocks and she delicately moved her face from side to side and up and down my cock. Then she put me out of my misery and gently lowered my boxers.

“Wow, wow,” She said.

Her hand traced delicate lines around my cock as if she had never seen one before. She cupped my balls in one hand then placed tender kisses along the length of my shaft to the top and back down again. I craved for her to take me in her mouth but she didn’t, she just stroked my legs and balls and kissed my cock. She patted the bed for me to sit beside her. I fell to the bed still tied up in jeans and boxers. She laughed then freed me from my denim shackles. She stood up and lowered her shorts revealing a pair of plain white cotton panties then climbed on top of me. We slid in on the bed and she kissed down my chest and once again began kissing my cock. This time I got my wish and she gently gripped my cock and took it in her mouth. Any previous shyness was now well and truly gone as she expertly moved her head and her hand in unison. I tried to watch but had difficulty keeping my eyes open as ecstasy gripped me. As I looked down at her I could see her sideways. At this point I think I thanked God that I was a man as I surveyed every inch of her from her perfect little feet, along her gorgeous brown legs, silky skinned back to the long black hair that fell over her face now hiding what she was doing to me. She paused, pulled her hair over her ear and tilted her head just long enough to let me see what she was doing. As she moved her head up and down on me her tongue made circles around my cock driving me crazy. Then as she moved her head her hair fell back down again.

My 41-year old heart needed a break before it exploded so I sat up and gestured for her to lie down beside me. Her hair spilled over the pillow and I leaned over and kissed her. She whimpered as I kissed her neck and I really took pleasure from kissing every bit of her. I kissed her beautiful breasts and sucked hard on her nipples. I kissed her stomach then playfully rubbed my nose on her mound and kissed every inch of her legs. It was fetish time and she had gorgeous little feet so I kissed them, licked them and took a manicured big toe in my mouth and mimicked oral sex doing to her toes what she had done to my cock. She closed her eyes and she seemed lost in the pleasure that I gave her. Eventually I pulled off her pants and was treated to the sight of her beautiful pussy. I kissed along the inside of her thighs and when I got to her beautiful little cunt she squirmed and moaned as I kissed it and licked it. It was almost sweet from whatever shower-gel she used. I could have stayed there all day as her little love bud came out to play, I slid two fingers inside her on a mission to find her G-Spot massaging her insides as my tongue kept up his job. She gripped the sheets tightly writhing almost making it difficult for me to keep my tongue on the right spot. Then after her body jerked a few times she seemed to have enough. She lay laughing and panting.

“Gengh Mak.” (Excellent/Very good) She said. “Now please.” She added moving her legs apart inviting me in.

I positioned myself between her legs and placed my glistening knob between her cunt-lips. I gently pushed and she jerked as if it hurt. I paused but she bit her lip and nodded for me to continue. Her nails dug into my shoulder as her insides finally surrendered to the intruder. I looked down the length of her body and took in the perfection of her flawless legs and tiny feet as her cunt muscles clamped around my cock.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” She sighed loudly as my length slid inside her.

“Yes, yes please…” She cried in her newly learned language. I could easily have ejaculated after 2 minutes but I wanted to make this last. I wanted to see her in every position imaginable just to savour her beauty. I withdrew from her and as if she could read my mind she got up on all fours parting her long legs letting me enter her from behind. Once again the vocals started and once again I surveyed every perfect inch of her. Her black hair fell forward and I ran my hands and nails down her brown back. Her round brown buttocks shook as my hips banged off them. Whatever way she turned her foot I could see her red painted toes and that gave me the final push over the line and I ejaculated with intensity that also brought a satisfied moan from her.

I collapsed onto the bed fighting for breath in the morning Thai heat as the fan whirred overhead. Fon rolled over and draped herself across me nuzzling her head under my chin. I held her close and breathed in her sweet scent. I watched every revolution of the fan contemplating what would happen next. This was wrong but it felt right. As I ran my hand up and down her silky back I felt her body rise and fall with her every deep breath. I did not want this moment to end. I looked at the clock on the wall and willed it to stop.

“Do not leave me.” Fon whispered kicking my brain into overdrive. I held her tighter feeling somewhat happier that these 4 words now made my decision considerably easier.

That afternoon I was once again packing my bags. I hoped that the next time I put them down that it would be for a long time. My decision was made but I had one final job to do. There was somebody I had to see for what was more than likely the last time.