Back Seat Oral

It was close to 5 PM one November evening when Isabel called me to invite me out for drinks. We worked together and had been seeing each other for awhile. With her lovely, slightly-accented voice she suggested something more than cocktails and hors-d-oeuvres. We left work together and, getting in our cars, headed to Shirlington, where there was a pleasant tapas bar. The bar was her choice because it was midway between my house and hers.

Isabel was 40, but didn’t appear to be middle-aged. It helped that she was Cuban; her Latin ancestry gave her lovely olive skin, dark eyes and beautiful, lustrous dark brown hair with hints of red. She had a trim figure with a perfect ass and full breasts. Live every other Latina I met, she loved sex. If there was one complaint that I had with Isabel, it was that she was married. She had recently filed for divorce. Still, I was fucking a married woman. “Not the first time”, I thought.

We got to the restaurant, Toro, and ordered a pitcher of Sangria and tapas. Isabel work a demure black dress, hose and heels. Her figure contrasted with the conservative dress and as we consumed more wine talking about each other and how our day had been. Our eyes remained in contact as we touched each other every chance we could. It was clear to me that Isabel wanted something more than what was on the menu.

We decided to walk around the Village in Shirlington to window shop. It had gotten much colder, though, and not wanting to drink anymore but with our respective residences far away, we decided to get into my vehicle and talk for awhile. Sex was on her mind.

The first time we fucked, Isabel asked me if I liked to watch porn. “Of course”, I said. “I’m a guy.” I asked her if she did as well, to which she replied “yes.” What she like the most was watching a man come. She liked the sight, feel, and taste of a man coming and she said she could watch a guy coming over and over. I thought about that as we climbed into my vehicle.

I started up the engine and turned on the heater. We began kissing, slowly and unhurried. Isabel reached down and, opening my overcoat, she began to massage my cock through the fabric of my trousers. I reached into her coat and ran my hand leisurely, yet deliberately, down the side of her face, to her neck and then breasts, past her stomach to her waist, and then around to her round, shapely ass. We embraced and kissed passionately for minutes. After ten or so minutes, the temperature in the cabin of my vehicle had risen appreciably.

The problem we had was that we were in the parking lot across from the Village, and as cold as it was, there were a lot of Holiday shoppers in the area. Moving my hand over to Isabel’s knee and slowly up her inner thighs I lightly stroked her leg and suggested that we drive around and find a more secluded spot.

We drove around the neighborhood, but could find no dark, vacant streets or lots available. Finally, we saw condos on the left. We pulled into the parking lot at Heatherlea condominiums and parked. It was dark and after 8 PM, but people were still coming home. There were condo buildings on all three sides of us, with the condo offices in front of us. The only cover we had were the darkness, the tinted windows of my vehicle, and some scrawny trees in front of us. I motioned to Isabel that we should move to the back seat. She agreed. Not wanting to open the doors and let out any of the heat trapped in the cabin, we carefully climbed over the front seats to the back seat. Stripping off our coats, we began kissing again.

I pulled her tight against me, feeling her perfectly proportioned breasts straining at the fabric of her dress and black lacy bra. I slid my hand under her dress, along the outer thigh until I found the elastic band of her pantyhose. Knowing Isabel’s predilections, I wanted to do this right: hot and tawdry. Firmly and deliberately, I pulled her pantyhose down. Isabel lifted her ass off of the back seat so that I could pull the hose down around her ass. Without breaking lips, I continued kissing her as pulled the pantyhose down until they were at her knees. Then, I hiked her dress up to her waist. I wanted to be assured of a compromising position for Isabel if we were caught. I knew that she would want it that way.

Isabel had been working my cock through my pants. Now, she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out through my boxers. I looked down at my cock and saw pre-cum oozing out. I gave her another deep kiss and then reached down and gathered up the pre-cum with my finger. I looked Isabel in the eyes as she sucked the pre-cum off my finger.

“Do you think I’m naughty?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “You are naught and I only see naughty girls”. 

“Am I a slut?”

“Yes, Isabel. You are a slut and you are going to suck my cock here in this parking lot, aren’t you?”

She began to answer as I guided her head down to my crotch, the words “Yes I will” garbled as she licked the shaft of my cock up and down, occasionally stopping to lick the pre-cum off of the tip of my cock. I slid my fingers into her black silk panties and, running my fingers over her beautifully trimmed landing strip, found her clit and pussy lips. She was wet and her inner thighs were damp.

Isabel wanted to get at my balls, so I unfastened my pants and slid them down. She went lower, working my balls with her tongue and lips. Fingering her pussy, I watched men and women returning from work or shopping, going into their condos, oblivious to our presence. I had had just enough Sangria that my inhibitions were gone, but the sensations in my cock were not dulled. I alternated between working two fingers into Isabel’s tight, wet cunt and flicking her clit. Isabel by now was sucking my cock furiously, alternating licking, sucking, and stroking the shaft. It was slick with saliva and pre-cum.

In her coquettish voice, she asked “What do you think of me?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, knowing what she meant, but wanting her to say it.

“Am I a bad girl? Am I a slut?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Then tell me what a bad girl I am” Isabel asked.”

“You are a very bad, bad girl. You’re sucking off a man in the backseat, in a parking lot. Eres una puta cubana, y sabes, eres mi puta.” Her garbled moans, as swallowed my cock whole suggested her approval.

A car drove by behind us slowly and with little concern, I watched it pass. “Oh god yes, Isabel. It feels so good, you sucking my cock. Oh god. . .it’s not your husband’s, Isabel, is it? You’ve got another man’s cock in your mouth and he’s got your skirt up and panties down and he fingering your pussy.” 

She liked what she heard. Her pussy got wetter, her hips were moving against my hand in rhythm to my efforts and she was working my cock even harder. I could feel the sweat and her saliva running down past my balls and onto the backseat. Isabel’s pussy was soaking wet and the rhythmic fingering of her pussy was loud, but not as loud as the slurping from her mouth.

Stroking my cock, applying just the right amount of pressure, Isabel locked eyes with me and begged me to tell her what a slut she was. “Oh my god, Isabel. You are a slut, you’re a dirty little whore in the back of car sucking cock. You’re a dirty little cocksucker. Now, make me cum in your mouth. Yeah, that’s it. Make me come. Yes, yes, yes!”

I couldn’t last much longer. I thought about her as I reached down to feel her face, her lips, and my slippery cock thrusting in and out of her mouth. The windows had completely fogged over and the cabin was humid, with the smell of my pre-cum and her pussy permeating the air. I thought about other women who had sucked me, mostly Claire, my ex-wife and another cubana who loved sucking cock. I thought about all the times she had sucked me off in this vehicle and I wondered if Isabel liked to swallow as much as she did. And with that, I lost it. My jism erupted in spurts, nearly choking Isabel, who pulled off of my cock when she thought I was done. One last spurt caught her in the eye causing some consternation. I didn’t care, though. I’d just gotten sucked off and nothing else really mattered.

After a few minutes, she straightened out her clothes, pulling her panties up and then her pantyhose. Isabel put her head on my shoulder and I kissed her gently on the forehead. She responded warmly with a deep kiss. We drove back to the tapas bar and I dropped her off at her car.

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